A New Way to Clean Ceiling Fans from Blade Butler

Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any other way

If you are like I am, I hate cleaning ceiling fans because it is messy and nasty, well let me introduce you to Blade Butler, it is easy and no more dust falling everywhere. The Blade Butler is designed to reach high and capture the dust that normally falls to the floor while cleaning a ceiling fan. It is 69″ in length, to help you reach most ceiling fans.

The washable microfiber bag captures the dust and saves you time in cleaning only once, keeping dust and debris from falling to the floor or furniture below. Its 28″ length accommodates most fan blades.

I am loving my new Blade Butler, it is a must have for your home and the ceiling fans, it does a great job. You put the Blade Butler on the blade and slide it out, the dust goes in the washable bag, empty and wash the bag, how easy is that.

Each Blade Butler comes with 1 Blade Butler and 1 cleaning bag. Replacement bags are available for purchase. $69.95

The Blade Butler is 69″ in length


Inventor Korri Wright is a busy mom of four who needed a better, faster way to clean her dirty ceiling fans. She and business partner Karen Spencer realized there was a substantial market for this idea and worked together to develop this efficient product that’s easy to use and eco-friendly.

Purchase you Blade Butler today and stop getting dust everywhere when you clean your ceiling fans, I promise you are going to love Blade Butler.

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