Laser Pegs , A World of Infinite Possibilities



Disclaimer; I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated other than the product.


Laser Pegs is the light up construction system that sparks children’s imagination and creativity! With Laser Pegs, there is no limit to what you can create!  Offering children and young adults a fun alternative to the traditional construction toy, Laser Pegs illuminates its surroundings thanks to their patented light bricks and vibrant colors. From Mega Trucks to Race Cars, Dinosaurs to Farm Animals — the possibilities with Laser Pegs are endless!  These Laser Pegs are so much fun and you can make all kinds of trucks, jet planes, tractors, space 3 in 1, just to name a few, my Grandsons will be getting these for Christmas and I can’t wait to see them put them together.


Now Let me introduce you to the Laser Pegs that I received

MEGA Truck 4 in 1


Create four different truck models from this one set! Choose which one you want to assemble first: the Mega Truck, the Super Utility Vehicle, the Pro Racer, or the Work Horse. It’s your truck, you make the rules. $18.99

3D_Box_20302_MegaTruck_Backb 4in1_MegaTruck_RGB-scaled


Chicken and Rooster


Bring the Farm to your living room with this Chicken and Rooster set! Create your very own light-up chicken and rooster with this set. Don’t forget to build your nest for this chicken coop! $12.99

3D_Box_20411_ChickenAndRooster_Back 3D_Box_20411_ChickenAndRooster_Front

Aircraft 4 in 1


Assemble four of your own different aircrafts from this one set! Choose which one you want to build first: the SR-71, the Aurora, the Transatmospheric Fighter, or the Space Shuttle. Fly through the sky and into space in no time with these aircrafts! $14.99

3D_Box_20303_Aircraft_Back 4in1_Aircrafts_RGB-scaled

Check Laser Pegs Multi-Models-

3D_Box_20305_FormulaRacer_Front-500x500 6in1-0_LP_ProductTemplate-Spider-600x550 8in1-0_LP_ProductTemplate-Helicopter-600x550

Also Check  All of Laser Pegs Collections-

3D_Box_20304_Helicopter_Front-500x500 3D_Box_20409_MiniPterodactyl_Front-500x500 3D_Box_20409_MiniTRex_Front-500x500










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