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Fernando Botero is one of the world’s most popular living artists, with millions of fans transcending cultures across the globe. While his art is instantly recognizable, the story of how he became “the Maestro” is largely unknown. BOTERO changes that. This poetic, beautifully filmed documentary for award-winning filmmaker Don Millar offers an inspiring look at the power of relentless vision, unwavering conviction and a lifetime of discipline.
Weaving together original footage shot in 10 cities across China, Europe, New York and Colombia, with decades of family photos and archival video, BOTERO grants home viewers unprecedented access to the artist and his family, along with a colorful cast of historians, curators and academics who together reveal the creativity and convictions at the heart of the artist.
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BOTERO ultimately brings together the man and his art to capture Botero’s essence – the quiet resolve and strength of character that allowed him to overcomepoverty, decades of harsh criticism and the tragic death of his four-year-old son. Never-before-seen moments come to life as his children uncover 50 year-old sketches in a shuttered storage facility, as cameras go behind the scenes at a show exhibiting his work alongside Pablo Picasso’s, and as the artist takes us on a private tour of his studio. This is a lovely movie and I highly recommend it if you love art.
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Type: DVD/Digital (iTunes, Amazon)
Running Time: 84 minutes
Genre: Documentary/Fine Arts
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Audio: Stereo

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