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Disclaimer, I received these Lovepop cards for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way.


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I have a wonderful company that has very special and unique pop up 3D cards. Lovepop cards are not your normal cards they have cards that come to life when you open them, they are so beautiful and they are not your average card. I urge you to visit Lovepop.com and look at their precious cards. Your sweetheart would love to receive one of these lovely 3D cards. Hurry up before you run out of time. Check out the cards I received. Look at all the other Valentine’s cards from Lovepop

Love Explosion Classic 3D card

Love_Explosion_Cover_1024x1024 Love_Explosion_Detail_1024x1024

Open this Valentine’s Day card and enjoy a pink and red three-dimensional explosion of paper hearts outlined with whimsical X’s and O’s and scroll embellishments.


Valentine’s Basket 3D card

LP2253_Valentine_s_Basket_Cover_1024x1024 LP2253_Valentine_s_Basket_Detail_1024x1024

All of the loves in your life will truly appreciate this heartwarming design. Spice up your Galentine’s Day celebration — your entire girl squad will fall head over heels for this card. Send your significant other a heartfelt note to say “I love you!” or thank your mom for being your first ever Valentine with this blooming beauty.


Cherry Blossom 3D card

Cherry_Blossom_Cover_1024x1024 Cherry_Blossom_Detail_1_1024x1024

The cover of this lovely pop up card features a laser-cut illustration of a blooming cherry blossom branch. Delicate petals fall gently from the branch in this depiction of one spring’s most beautiful sights.


Lovepop carries many kinds of cards such as Birthday, Anniversary, Just Because, Wedding, Thank you, Sympathy, Congrats and many more. Check out the other Lovepop cards I received.


Flower Basket 3D card

Flower_Basket_Cover_1024x1024 Flower_Basket_Detail_1024x1024

The front of this pale purple cover features a laser cut arrangement of colorful, blooming flowers, accompanied by blue and orange butterflies. Upon opening this beautiful card, a basket appears full of luscious vibrant flowers and greenery. The wicker basket sits on top of a white doily, used to decorate the pale blue tabletop. A few butterfly friends rest on top of the floral arrangement, taking a quick pause before fluttering away.

Cardinal 3D card

Cardinal_Cover_1024x1024 Cardinal_Detail_1024x1024

Once opened, a red Cardinal reveals itself all perked up on a white branch. Below the Cardinal sculpture, the white and gray branches with little, orange and yellow leaves support the bird as it oversees its surroundings. The inside panels are also printed with a sky blue color that fits in perfectly with the beautiful scene.

Floral Birthday Cake 3D card

Floral_Birthday_Cake_Cover_1024x1024 Floral_Birthday_Cake_Detail_1024x1024

Floral embellishments cascade down the pink birthday cake on the front of this champagne colored pop-up card. Upon opening this design, a beautiful pink cake appears, covered in peach, orange, and blue flowers. Candles top this delicious dessert, ready for a wish to be made. Leafy decorations surround the base of the cake on top of the polka dotted tablecloth background.

Champagne Pop 3D card

Champagne_Pop_Cover_1024x1024 Champagne_Pop_Detail_1024x1024

A burst of multi-colored bubbles floats from the top of an uncorked bottle of champagne on the front of this seafoam green card. Inside, our fizzing bubbly bottle pops up spectacular 3D and features a shimmering gold label and a heart-shaped cut-out. A scatter of multi-colored confetti adds playful effect to the blush pink background.



I highly recommend Lovepop to everyone that loves very special and unique cards, you will thrill and delight your family and friends .

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