Making Christmas Cards with Pilot Pens


Disclaimer; I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way


I was so excited to be able to have the  opportunity to feature Pilot Pen Sets for making my Christmas cards, I always try and make my own cards because I think it is more personal than store bought. It seems like We all have forgotten how to write letters or cards to anyone, it is all electronic, which to me in not as special as a mailed card or letter. I remember writing letters to my Grandparents and to my friends and receiving a card or letter back from them, I was always so happy when I got a card or letter in the mailbox , it was always special to me. I have family and friends that I make homemade cards for, it is from the heart and it means alot to them. I still write letters and make homemade cards to family and friends and I always get something in the mail from them too. How wonderful ! Let me give you some details on the Pilot Pen Sets that I received.


FriXion Colors Marker Pens

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The FriXion Colors Marker Pens are nothing like erasable pens of the past. The unique FriXion gel ink disappears with erasing friction, giving you the freedom of unlimited do-overs with no smearing, no tearing and no messy eraser crumbs. With a wide range of vivd colors and an extra durable, bold point tip this marker pen produces rich, vibrant lines. Whether writing ,drawing, color or organize, the newest innovations in writing technology add touch of creativity and style to your everyday tasks. Purchase Link -  Amazon        12-Pack, $13.57


Ensō Collection: Watercolor Brush Pens

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Let your creativity flow with Pilot Ensō Brush Pens. This multi-colored collection combines the fluidity of traditional watercolor, with the convenience of a pen. The delicate yet firm felt tips provide excellent control and resilience, making writing effortless for both seasoned and novice users. Just a slight adjustment in pressure transforms restrained fine lines, to bold broad strokes allowing for boundless creative variation. With seven rich ink colors, Pilot Ensō Brush Pes are perfect for watercolor drawings, hand-lettered wedding invitations, personalized greeting cards, and everyday calligraphy needs.Purchase Link- Amazon   $20.96

Ensō Collection: Pop’lol Gel Pens

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PILOT ENSO POP’LOL GEL INK PEN SET: A colorful world at your fingertips. Add a pop of vibrant color to your drawing, hand lettering and creating with Pilot Enso pop’lol pens! Featuring a comfortable grip, spring clip, and 20. EXPRESS YOURSELF THROUGH ARTFUL WRITING: Pilot Enso pop’lol Gel Ink Pen Set is a premium gel ink set ideal for the hand lettering and coloring connoisseur. Use them in your bullet journal, for color coding, or to add a pop of color to any project.  Purchase Link- Amazon $16.92



I encourage everyone to reach out to those  they love or maybe even a stranger, with the use of pen and paper! My favorite part of this Review and my Experience is knowing that whoever I send my Cards and Letters too, they will appreciate receiving a special note, card or letter from Me.

  • Writing a note to stranger to remind them that they are doing great!
  • Sending an old fashioned letter or card to someone you love, I know my grandma appreciates a card or two!
  • Is your favorite gal pal starting a new job or just got through a bad breakup? A quick note of love can help boost them up!

Visit   and look at all their wonderful products that will help you in your everyday life and your writing and craft projects, I highly recommend these Great products.





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