Red Heart Heat Wave Heat Generated Yarn Review


Disclaimer; I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way


New to the Red Heart brand is Red Heart Heat Wave Yarn. It’s a heat-generating yarn through natural daylight. Whether it’s sunny or even overcast.  Red Heart Heat Wave: ($5.99) Powered by UV rays, Red Heart Heatwave is heat generating thanks to patented fibers that have the ability to become up to 12-degrees warmer, even on a cloudy day, without having to charge up or plug in thanks to its solar-activated fibers. This new wearable technology, made in the USA, features a classic and versatile color wheel, perfect for updating outdoor gear including hats, gloves, scarves and blankets to help stay warm during daily commutes, sporting events, outdoor activities and even walking the dog.  Red Heart  Heatwave provides knitters and crocheters new opportunities to be inspired to stitch.


It’s a regular looking 4-ply yarn that you would never know heats up upon the touch and or look of the yarn. In fact, if you were a craft show vendor or providing a charity scarf or hat, you should mark the item as Red Heart Heat Wave and let your recipients know there is technology in this product. Spun inside the acrylic fibres is an acrylic fibre that will activate in UV light. That means, if you are receiving UV light, the product will activate. As many of you know, you can get a sunburn even with overcast as the UV is going through the cloud cover, so the hat will activate its magic.



What are some recipients that benefit from this type of product?

  • Think about someone who works or enjoys outdoors and their hats aren’t heating.
  • Someone walking a dog or even use for the dog coat itself.
  • Kids who are waiting for a bus, recess or general school activities. This has technology mixed into the hat which makes the hat more interesting than just an ordinary hat that is knitted or crochet.
  • Homeless who are outside needing the extra warmth. In daylight, they can be warmer.
  • Blankets for stadiums where you can sit under an afghan enjoying a game.
  • A sweater on that cool spring or fall day.

blog-062217-polka-dot-hat-thumb-md 33-free-pattern-201909-diamond-texture-knit-poncho-desktop

The Red Heart Heat Wave Heat Generating Yarn is perfect for anyone  crocheting and who  gets excited by yarn and projects to crochet, I am in the process of making the Polka Dot Knit Hat so I can’t wait until I finish, I am very slow when it comes to crocheting , with my other projects I do, I just do a little everyday on my hat, I look at it as a masterpiece in the works.


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