Bro Basket Junk Foodie Party Package Review

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Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


If you want to live a long life, you have to eat right and fuel your body with foods that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Yeah, yeah…we all know this. But sometimes, we just don’t care. And that’s what the Junk Foodie Party Package is all about. Frito Lay chips, Nabisco cookies, beef jerky, candy, popcorn…Bro Basket has packed all of their favorite junk foods into one awesome BroBasket. And just for good measure, they added in a bottle of Ketel One vodka (because it wouldn’t be much of a BroBasket if it didn’t include booze).  This Junk Foodie Party Package Retails for $ 124.95 ,



A Bottle of Kettle One Vodka and 4 – Red Bulls – 8.4oz cans just to wet your mouth.

Junk-Foodie-Party-Package-141564-gal2-2 Junk-Foodie-Party-Package-141564-gal4-2-1246x831

4 – Bags of Frito Lay Chips
6 – Bags of Nabisco Cookies
2 – Packs of beef jerky
2 – Bags of candy and/or candy bars
2 – Bags of Popcornopolis gourmet flavored popcorn


1 – Reusable BroBasket Tub

Bro Basket is all about drinking responsibly—and that starts with having some food in your belly before you start downing shots or tossing back cocktails. So this junk food gift basket includes lots of salt, lots of flavor, and plenty of sugar. Basically, everything you need to fill your gut with enough substance to soak up that booze. But they didn’t stop there—to keep you going all night long, we’ve included four cans of Red Bull. You’re welcome. How cool is that, everything you need in one Tub, Party On !

Junk Foodie Bundle

  • Includes: Jack Links Beef Jerky × 2-Famous Amos × 2-Popcornopolis × 2-Metal Tub (XL)Ritz Bits Peanut ButterRitz Bits CheeseOreosChips AhoyLays Potato ChipsNacho Cheese DoritosSkittlesM&MsCheetosCool Ranch Doritos

The Freebies

2 – BroBasket Coasters
1 – Greeting Card with your special message on it


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Now,  Let me tell you about Bro Basket,  The BroBasket started out , way back in 2013,  they saw a need for Gifts for men because Women were always getting flowers, Men do not want flowers but they do like Beer, Alcohol and Spirits.  The Seed Was Planted and  Bro Basket came from a classroom idea to a Real Business. Originally they opened the business as a local gift basket delivery service, kinda like Edible Arrangements geared toward men, but drinkable arrangements but then they started getting orders from all over the country and  They launched a new  website, started advertising their products nationally, Bro Basket came up with cool new ideas like Customize Your Own (their biggest seller), figured out how to safely ship their baskets, and bam, they were a full fledged eCommerce operation! Today they  ship their BroBasket’s all over the country, with 1000’s upon 1000’s of happy customers served.

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