3 Healthy Hair Tips


Getting thick, vibrant, and gleaming hair has always been the goal for most ladies. However, keeping it healthy and sound is often a challenge to many. Should you use oil or not? Should you wash daily or a few times a week? Follow the following three go-to tips to make your hair healthy.

1. Follow Healthy Washing and Styling Habits

Washing your hair on a daily basis can dry it out since it washes away the oils that your scalp produces to keep it shiny and healthy. The right way to do it is to wash for three or four times a week. Give your hair some breaks in between washings and you’ll realize a restored balance.

Your hair is like a silk dress. You shouldn’t ball it up and wring it out after hand washing. You would have destroyed its fibers and shape. Instead, gently pat the hair dry with a towel and complete the process by air drying.

You should only use your heat styling devices like hair dryers, hot rollers, curling iron, and straightener when a special occasion is at hand. This is because these tools can easily damage your head’s fine strands. Air drying is the best method to dry your hair. When using a blow dryer, use a cool setting and apply protective serum to your scalp beforehand.

2. Use Healthy Products and Avoid Damaging Treatments

Commercial hair care products promise heaven on earth. Unfortunately, they often contain hair-drying ingredients. Such products can make your hair appear dull and limp. You’ll quickly notice the difference when you switch to hair-nourishing herbs, creams, and oils.

For instance, you cannot expect to have healthy hair when using shampoos with strong sulfate cleansers as their constituents. Such products can only cause frizzing and fraying. Only use natural, sulfate-free shampoos that contain herbs and oils.

Here are some extra tips:

·         Use conditioners that are made with pure substances such as aloe, shea butter, and coconut oil

·         Avoid dyes and other permanent treatments

·         Apply oil to your hair’s roots, shafts, and tips many times a week to restore its softness

·         Use aloe hair mask twice weekly

3. Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

A well-balanced diet with lots of vitamin B, proteins, omega-3s, and iron keeps your hair healthy and thick. Here are some suggestions:

·         To get enough vitamin B, eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and nuts

·         Eat beef, pork, chicken, and leafy greens to get iron and protein

·         Salmon, avocados, and walnuts are excellent sources of omega-3

Protect your hair just like you would your skin. The sun, wind, and cold temperatures can dry it out, making it become brittle with time. When it’s sunny, wear a scarf or hat over your head. Going outdoors during bitterly cold winter can freeze and fray your hair. Also, wear a swim cap when going swimming to keep chlorine away from your head.


Although almost every lady wants to have healthy-looking hair, the steps toward achieving it often prove to be out of range for many. It requires a lot of dedication and care to keep the cover over your head bright-looking. It goes as far as changing your lifestyle and doing a lot of research. Are you ready to begin the journey?

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