Goat Guns Miniature Replica Guns Review


Disclaimer; I received these produts for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


I am so excited to have been given the chance to work with Goat Guns, they are Miniature replica guns  ALL PRODUCTS SOLD ON THEIR WEBSITE ARE NON-FIRING. THEY ARE 1:3 SCALE MODEL REPLICAS. THEY DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY KIND OF FIREARM SALES. These neat rifles are kinda like building models, you put some of the parts together like a model. They are so real looking and I have a new collection to work on with Goat Guns.


You get instructions with detailed instructions that show you exactly how to put your rifle together, I am hooked on these rifles. the are so much fun to put together. Now, let me show you the 2 rifles I received.

Pink AR15


Miniature Pink AR15


Named after the warning system used in Miliary Aircraft for warning a pilot, Bitchin’ Betty should set off the warning siren for anyone that has it. She is one bad babe.  Sgt. Gunner understands if buy this for your Woman and then keep it yourself.  No judging. You will have tons of fun putting this unique collection together, Retails $34.99  https://goatguns.com/collections/miniature-gun-models/products/b-betty

*LIMITED EDITION. AS OF 3-18-19 there are only 58 left.  They will be changing the look of Betty in May of 2019.

  • Custom wrapped in Pink carbon fiber design
  • 3 stock positions
  • Adjustable sights position
  • Charging handle pulls back
  • Metal magazine with functioning mag release
  • 3 dummy rounds
  • Dust cover opens
  • Trigger functions
  • Selector switch
  • Fun to assemble & modify (instructions provided)


All Metal parts on this Badass M4A1 1:3 scale collectible gun Extremely accurate miniature model of a M4A1 Military Rifle. 11″ /  28cm.  Solid Black parts with custom pink carbon fiber coating. 11oz, Some assembly required.  Instructions provided.  This is the best part for most users!  All of these cool rifles come with their on stand !

TMS Rifle

IMG_8482 Side_shot_thompson_goatgun_2048x2048


Nicknamed the ‘TMS’

Invented in 1918 by John Thompson, the Thompson Submachine gun has dozens of nick names.  Used at large in WW2 and by criminals, the TMS became one of the most popular of all time.  Now you can get your hands on a piece of history with the TMS. Retails $39.99  https://goatguns.com/collections/miniature-gun-models/products/miniature_thompson_submachine_gun_replica

  • Diecast Metal TMS Replica
  • Pure black metal with Wood-grain (plastic) stock
  • Functional bolt
  • Metal magazine with functional mag release
  • 3 dummy .45 acp rounds
  • Trigger squeezes in
  • Comes with trophy stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Closed barrel – collectibles item


Extremely accurate model the Thompson Submachine WW2 automatic rifle. It is a self assembly model with a trophy stand to display on desk or shelf. Comes with Three 45 ACP dummy rounds. Sgt. Gunners TMS Gun model comes in at 10″ /  28cm.  It is 1/3 scale size of a real Thompson Submachine gun.  The black is die cast metal set against wood grain plastic. The TMS Mini weighs in at 11 ounces. Comes in a self-assembly kit.  Most users find this the best part.  Instructions provided or view our assembly videos.


World at war. Gangsters. Mafia. Emerging in the early 1900′s the TMS has played a vital role in several pieces of history. Sgt. Gunner is pleased to add this historic gem to his lineup of non-firing rifle collectibles. Included in the classic series is the SVD and upcoming 1911.

I am so happy with this unique collection of my miniture rifles and you will too, check out some of the other rifles Goat Guns have.


Mini AR15 – Black  https://goatguns.com/collections/miniature-gun-models/products/miniature-ar15-m4a1-charky


Mini AK47 – Gold- https://goatguns.com/collections/miniature-gun-models/products/goldiocks-gold-ak47


Visit Goat Guns and Sgt. Gunner to see all of their rifles, attachments, How to assemble their miniture rifle models, you will Love all of them.






Goat Guns also has a Rewards Program,  Join for Free,  https://goatguns.com/pages/rewards


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