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Disclaimer ; I received these products free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


Honestly Margo was Created as a good-for-you brand, as well as an incredible conception story, Honestly Margo was started by 12-year-old Margo Gianos in 2013. The company has grown to offer seven different beauty products with multiple scents and flavors. Their newest product, the Roller Girl, Roll-On Lip Gloss, gives a clear, fresh look that coincides with this season’s beauty trends and the return of lip gloss.  Their mission is to provide fun and easy-to-use bath & beauty products for everyone. Each new product they create is inspired by nature and you!  Check out the products I received below, I am loving all of the wonderful scents and smells and these would be perfect for Christmas gifts or just for that girl that you want to buy something special for,  Honestly Margo are a one of a kind product and they cannot be beat by any other products.

lip gloss

Roller Girl, Roll-On Lipgloss
● Crystal clear lip gloss offered in six natural flavors
● Feel fun and fresh in the gloss that’s reminiscent of the 70s
● Buy individually, or the set of all six flavors
● MSRP $12
● Found online at www.HonestlyMargo.com (http://www.honestlymargo.com)

HM fizz pack

Bubble Fizz Bath Powder
● Alternative to bath bombs, you choose how much you want to use
● Offered in six natural flavors that have matching body lotions
● Buy individually, or the entire set
● MSRP $19
● Find online at www.HonestlyMargo.com (http://www.honestlymargo.com)

aromatherapy balms

Aromatherapy Balms
● Serenity for headaches, stress or congestion; made with menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint
● Clementine for energy; made with grapefruit and citrus
● Aurora for sleep; made with lavender and rosemary
● Rub under nose, on pressure points, forehead or lips!
● Larger stick than regular balms
● Made with organic ingredients
● MSRP $10
Buy the set or individually online at www.HonestlyMargo.com (http://www.honestlymargo.com

bath and body set

Bath + Body Set
● Sold together for the perfect bath and body experience
● Available in every Fizzy Bath Powder flavor with matching Body Lotion
● Enjoy a bubbly, fizzy bath with the powder and follow it with the lotion for the softest skin
● The lotion is never greasy, sticky or thick, but always silky smooth
● The lotion is infused with shea butter and carefully selected conditioning oils
● MSRP $36
● Find online at www.HonestlyMargo.com (http://www.honestlymargo.com



The Honestly Margo mission is about making fun products that inspire a new generation.


They have always used the finest ingredients for each of our products.


Their scents and flavors are delightfully paraben free and always safe.


Inspired by Nature and You;

Honestly Margo is a bath and beauty brand, with its core beliefs and principles being “Inspired by Nature & You”.  They are a mother-daughter team that began from a young girl’s dream to create a business that was was based upon inspiration, belief, and persistence. It was fresh and pure idea and mom saw that Margo was relentless in wanting to create a business.  That’s how Honestly Margo began.

Honestly Margo represents today’s young women, creating products that are not only fun and fresh but are unique and relevant to what women are seeking. They are about pure goodness with good for you ingredients, and they are about products that feel amazing when you use them.

Honestly Margo stands for a strong women sisterhood, celebrating women’s ability to be empowered, to have confidence in themselves, to dream big, take chances, and know that anything is possible.  Visit their website and start shopping, https://honestlymargo.com/pages/shop-all

This is Honestly Margo.

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