The Hope line from Miche



The Hope line from Miche is the most fashionable way you can support someone in need. Everybody wants to find a great way to help other people out— now you can do it simply by shopping. There are people in the world who are struggling everyday just to make it through. Give them a little reminder that there are still people in the world who are willing to help. Every time you purchase something from the Hope collection, a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit someone in need.

The Hope line is a line of interchangeable Shells and jewelry featuring the words faith, hope, and love as a reminder that all these are still present in the world. These words are things that people grasp on to when they have lost all but their will to survive. Every one of us knows what it’s like to lose hope and now you have a way to give it back. All our lives have been affected by cancer. When you purchase something from the Hope line, a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit cancer research and a tag will be attached containing a picture and personalized quote by a very special person who has fought and won their own personal battle with this terrible disease.

For one or two months out of every year, Miche chooses another charitable cause to donate to. For March and April 2014, The National Domestic Violence Hotline was chosen. This is a hotline someone turns to when they have nowhere else to go. It offers help and hope to those who are struggling and can’t seem to get away. Some people have lost all faith, hope, and sometimes love; now you can help give it back to them.

When you purchase a Shell or jewelry from the Miche Hope line, some of that money goes to support someone whose life has been taken away from them at the hands of an abuser. All you need to do is shop and you can help restore life back to someone. There are many options in the Hope collection so why not have all of them? If you already have a Miche bag, get a Shell that fits the Petite, Classic, Demi, or Prima bag. Then you can change your Shell quickly and easily and show them off. Carrying your Shell from the Hope line will get others asking where you got that purse and where they can get one. Then you can share how you gave someone their life back just by shopping.

Shop the Hope collection from MIche and show your support for some great causes. Help people who have lost all hope get a little of it back just by shopping. It’s the easiest way to support a great cause! You benefit by getting a new Shell or some new jewelry and you also assist in making someone’s life better. Show your support at the speed of life.


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