Is the Weight Watchers Point System Right for Me?

Figuring out what your diet personality is

When choosing a diet plan it’s essential to know yourself.  Do you need clear and strict rules, along with personal one-on-one guidance?  Or do you like an approach that is more flexible and allows you to make your own choices throughout the day?  Once you’ve thought about this for a while and have a clear idea of your needs, then you’re ready to choose the diet that is right for you.  Do you have financial concerns and want to find a diet that offers discounts and special promotions?  Not only does Weight Watchers offer such promotions (currently you save over $25), but it’s also great if you want flexibility and support.

Flexibility and Assistance


The points system does not tell you what to eat, but it does involve counting.  Their advanced online tracking system allows you to log how many points you consume throughout the day and week so you can stay on target.  Weight Watchers also offers the flexibility of having a real human coach or an online couch if you simply don’t have the time to attend meetings.  Increasing research shows that when you have someone monitoring you and weighing you there’s a much better chance that you’ll stay on track and win at losing those extra pounds.

Maybe you just need to persevere

Still not sure if Weight Watchers is the right choice?  Your best resource is their website.  Give it a test drive for a week and see how you feel about all that counting.  Most people choose Weight Watchers because there’s no packaged food.  You can still enjoy your favorite foods in smaller portions.  You’ll learn with the point system that you can eat more if you eat lighter foods, like fruits and vegetables and lean proteins and starches.  Your tastebuds will begin to change and your confidence with the program will increase with time.  It’s a lifestyle overhaul and that’s why it’s a huge help to have your coach by your side to be your cheerleader and your guide.

Sometimes you encounter certain obstacles inside yourself that just need to be overcome. You find yourself complaining about the diet, you hate counting, you don’t like eating low fat food and produce so you jump from diet to diet convinced that each one just wasn’t right.  Well maybe the problem isn’t Weight Watchers, but it’s about getting through your own emotional barriers.  Take a deep breath, recommit, and carry-on.


  1. Debra Sauvageau says

    I like that the point system is less expensive than the meal plans & I can still enjoy my favorite foods in smaller portions.I also just need to learn to say NO to myself

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