Product Review: George Foreman Grill

It’s often a promising sign when a well-known celebrity or inventor is prepared to put his name to a product (think Dyson, Biro or Hoover, among others) and the George Foreman Grill is no exception. If exceptional cooking equipment is high on your wanted list then you could certainly do worse than this sleek, attractive grill which boasts a number of features designed to make cooking simpler and eating healthier.

The grill explained

If you are not acquainted with this type of kitchen equipment and are more used to cooking using a conventional grill then you may wonder how exactly it differs. Comparing the said grill to a sandwich toaster may give you the general idea but the comparison is flawed for it detracts from the flexibility that the grill offers in the kitchen. The grill is preheated for a few minutes and the food placed on top of the two grill plates. When the top section is lowered cooking begins. While this may sound rather like a sandwich toaster, a much larger variety of foods can be cooked quickly and efficiently using this grill from chicken to pizza and burgers to kebabs.

A healthier eating option

While grilling food is reputed to be healthier than frying, you may be surprised to observe how much fat accumulates when using this grill. The excess grease is collected in a handy tray underneath the grill plates which can be removed easily so that the fat can be poured away. Not only does it help with the cleaning process but it makes eating healthier as all that fat ends up down the drain instead of in your meal. You’ll notice the difference in the taste instantly.

Fast cooking times

Cooking times are impressive with the George Foreman Grill, meaning you can prepare an entire meal in a fraction of the usual time. Many foods cook consistently in less than 10 minutes: now that is fast! With the option to raise the top grill you can also cook foods that you prefer not be squashed, including pizzas and, of course, toasted sandwiches.

Easy cleaning

One of the greatest disadvantages of a conventional grill is the lengthy and difficult cleaning process which never seems to result in perfect results. With the mentioned grill, you will struggle no more. The grill plates slide out effortlessly and can be washed by hand or dishwasher while the fact that you have already poured away excess fat means that cleaning is quick and easy.

If you’re old enough to remember the advent of the microwave, then you may recall unconvinced homeowners insisting that they couldn’t imagine how they would possibly need one, only to reverse their opinion shortly after purchasing one. Much the same could be said of the George Foreman Grill: it may revolutionize your cooking habits.

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