Yonanas Review ~ Healthy Frozen Dessert in a Snap!!


We were sent a free product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Yonanas is a great way to enjoy a frozen treat without the extra guilt. You buy the fruit, freeze it, and Yonanas does the rest!! This machine is so easy to use and makes a healthy frozen dessert in a matter of seconds. It’s all natural and you know exactly what is going into your dessert. It is so simple to do and doesn’t require much effort on your part. I purchased some bananas and strawberries to test out the Yonanas machine for the first time. Yonanas works best when your bananas have just the right amount of ripeness. This is usually when it starts to brown a little on the outside. Just peel your bananas and freeze.

Once your fruit has froze, let it sit for about 10 minutes before you use your Yonanas machine. There is a recipe book included with your machine so you don’t have to worry about running out of frozen dessert ideas. They have quite a few that I am dying to try. Once your fruit is thawed a little, plug your machine up, turn on the power button, and start dropping some fruit through the chute and use the plunger to push it through. You will then start to see it coming out into your bowl. It should have the consistency of soft serve ice cream. If you are using more than one kind of fruit, you can stir it up when you are done.

imageClean up is such a breeze. Just twist to the unlock position and wipe the base with a damp cloth. The chute can be taken apart by unscrewing the bottom and taking the other 3 pieces apart. You want to be careful when taking off the blade because it is very sharp. These items are dishwasher safe and are easy to put back together.

Our Yonanas machine made some delicious frozen dessert with very little effort for me. The kids loved how yummy the frozen fruit tasted and I love how much more healthier it is for our family!!

What is your favorite frozen or healthy treat? Let us know in a comment below.


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