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We were sent free products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Mosquitos ~ a major reason why I don’t like going outside. They seem to be even more viscous this year and some times I feel i’m the only one in my family that they attract to. I took my dog outside last week and wasn’t even outside for five minutes before I was covered from the neck down with bites. Well enough is enough!!

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A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review the new Terminix ALLCLEAR TableTop and Terminix ALLCLEAR SideKick mosquito repeller. I have been wanting to sit outside and enjoy our deck in the new home but fear of getting bitten to death has been stopping me. I don’t really like using the sprays because most of them have a harsh smell so it’s either get bitten, hold my breath til I almost pass out, or stay inside. Up until now I would have chosen to stay inside but I have kids and of course, they want to be able to play outside and have fun.

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It was such a nice night out the other day I figured it was the perfect time to put the Terminix ALLCLEAR TableTop and Terminix ALLCLEAR SideKick mosquito repeller to the test. The Terminix ALLCLEAR TableTop comes with the unit, 2 AA batteries, and 1 refill. The Terminix ALLCLEAR SideKick comes with the unit, 2 AAA batteries, and refill. It is so easy to set each one up and took only a few minutes. Just insert the batteries, put in your refill, and hit the on button. Easy as pie. Place your tabletop wherever you want to be protected from moquitos (15×15 feet) and enjoy a bite free outing. The Terminix ALLCLEAR SideKick can be clipped anywhere on your body or sat right beside you.

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I was able to relax with the hubby while the girls played and not a mosquito bite in sight. How? Unlike other repellents, the Terminix ALLCLEAR TableTop and Terminix ALLCLEAR SideKick offers an all natural protection with a built in fan that circulates a mixture of lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint, and geranium oils. There is no need to spray any of those harsh sprays on your skin plus it last up to 18 hours. Each one is safe for both kids and pets which is a big deal for me. I want something that will protect us from mosquitos and safe, all at the same time. Once we were done outside, we put each refill back into the resealable bag that it came out of. The next time we go outside for some relaxing quiet time, we can take our Terminix ALLCLEAR TableTop or Terminix ALLCLEAR SideKick and refill with the same one (up until the 18 hour period). I can’t wait!

These and other Mosquito Solutions are available for purchase at www.terminixallclear.com and online at Home Depot, Target, Amazon, Frontgate, and other online retailers. For more information, visit the Terminix All Clear website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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