K-Cups As Low As 50 Cents

Do you love coffee like me? I love trying new flavors in my Keurig but those k-cups can be quite expensive. If you buy K-Cups in bulk, you can save quite a bit of money! Ordering on Amazon is one of the ways to find the best deals! Here are some of the awesome selections this week that are as low as $0.50!

brooklyn-k-cup You can pick up a Brooklyn Beans 40 count Variety Pack for $0.52 per K-Cup!

donut-shop-k-cupYou can get the Donut Shop 50 count K-Cups for only $0.59 per K-Cup!

green-mountain-k-cup Green Mountain has an amazing Breakfast Blend! You can get the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend for only $0.57 per K-Cup!

french-vanilla-k-cup So many flavors are available in K-Cups! You can get the French Vanilla Cappuccino for only $0.42 per K-Cup!

jet-fuel-k-cupYou can pick up the Jet Fuel Dark Roast for only $0.62 Per K-Cup!

big-easy-bold-k-cup Try Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups for only $0.57 per K-Cup!

newmans-own-special-blend-k-cup Check out the Newman’s Own Special Blend for only $0.57 per K-Cup!

caza-trail-k-cupTry the Caza Trail Kona Blend for only $0.42 per K-Cup!

folgers-k-cup Want to stick with a favorite? Get the Folgers Colombian for only $0.65 per K-Cup!

caramel-apple-k-cup Try an Apple Cider! You can get the Grove Square Caramel Apple Cider for only $0.50 per K-Cup!

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