Jewelry $1 and Under


Jewelry is a great way to dress up an outfit but can be so expensive! Good thing it doesn’t have to be. I love a cute peice of jewelry and how it can turn your outfit from blah to boom! You can pick up beautiful pieces of jewelry for $1 and under! Look what we have for you.

Check out these pretty awesome Bronze Peacock Earrings for only $0.91!

This one is totally cute and unique. Pick up a Vintage Colorful Owl Necklace for only $0.85!

Is nautical a little more your style? You can pick up a Vintage Seahorse Necklace for only $0.99!

If you are into photography, you can get this unique Retro Camera Necklace for only $0.99! I am getting one of these. Too cute!!

You can grab this cute Double Wrap Leather Bracelet for only $0.59!

Check out this cute Vintage Fairy Necklace for only $1.00!

Pick up a Mustache Jewelry Set for only $0.99! This set includes earrings, necklace, and ring!

You can get a Vintage Owl Jewelry Set for only $0.99! This set includes the necklace and earrings!

This adorable Classic Dragonfly Bracelet with flowers is only $1.00!

Grab a Vintage 4 Piece Ring Set for only $0.99!

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