Amazon DVDs $5 and under!

Family movie night is a great stay at home activity to have fun and save money! You can add to your movie collection with this list of 10 DVDs $5 and under! I really don’t need any more DVD’s (I have over 700) but I see a few that I would love to add to my collection. At less than $5 a pop, i’m really not breaking the bank. Check them out!



Starting with one of my favorites. The Goonies is an oldie but a goodie! You can grab The Goonies for only 3.99!


The Sandlot is another favorite! Pick up The Sandlot for only $3.99!

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
is only $4.99
! Percy Jackson has been sweeping the nation and a great family movie!


If you have never seen The Breakfast Club, now is a great time! You can get The Breakfast Club for just $4.99!


Wow! Grown Ups is only $4.99! It is normally $14.99! Let’s get Chocolate wasted!!


Love a little singing and dancing? Score Annie for just $4.75!


Willy Wonka has always been a favorite of mine! Pick up Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for only $3.99!


The Princess Bride is such a cute movie! Get The Princess Bride for only $4.99!



This is such a sweet movie! Pick up The Notebook for only $4.99!


Dirty Dancing is an awesome movie and only $4.99!

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