Mighty leaf Iced Tea Review & Giveaway


We were sent a free product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

It’s nothing like having a refreshing cup of iced tea in the summer. Mighty Leaf Iced Teas make it easy for you to make you own iced tea at home without all the added sugar of store bought drinks. Better for you and better for your body. You choose how much sweetener to put in it and aren’t left having to guess. The variety of the flavors are unique and satisfying too. We received ginger peach (my favorite), sunburst green tea, calypso mango, and organic black. We also were sent a Takeya iced tea pitcher and Takeya glass bottle. The iced tea pitcher allows you to brew right from the pitcher. It won’t crack or warp and lose it’s shape. It’s not hard to make the tea either. Just boil your water, pour it right in the pitcher with your tea bag, and let it steep for five minutes.  Fill it up with ice to let it cool off and bam! You have iced tea! Add any sweetener if you like, or you could even slice some fresh fruit like oranges and throw them in for some natural flavor. Delicious!



You can pour your tea right from the pitcher straight into your cup. The easy open and close lid allows you to twist, leaving you an opening to pour. Twist it back the other way and it is completely closed and spill proof. The Takeya glass bottle is great especially when you are on the run. It is made out of glass which gives you a healthier way to drink compared to plastic bottles. It has a protective outer cover that keeps it safe from breaking and easy to grip. It has a see through window so you can see how much you have left in your glass. I have to say, it’s a pretty cool bottle.

Do you like iced tea? I love the taste of homemade iced tea. Reminds me of when i was younger and mom used to make it all the time.  Want a chance to win the same Mighty Leaf package I received? Mighty Leaf wants you to drink healthier this summer with this DIY iced tea prize pack valued at $60!! Enter below using the rafflecopter form. Open to US residents 18 and older.

Mighty Leaf Iced Teas

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  1. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    I like to make frozen peach tea. I steep peach tea (I’d use the ginger peach) with some chunks of fresh peach, let it cool, then whiz it around in the Vitamix until it’s completely smooth. Then put it in a “shaker” bottle and toss it in the freezer. I shake it around every 30 min, so it’s slushy, not rock solid. Insert straw, enjoy!

  2. Katie K says

    I just like fresh brewed tea over ice with a lemon. Simple but delish! Would love to try the peach ginger!

  3. chadro says

    I’d like to use a recipe for lime Black tea , just brew your tea as normal and add some squeezed lime to it and stevia, and I’d make it with the Organic black tea they have.

  4. alyce poalillo says

    I would use their Organic Black tea to make a simple iced tea with sliced cucumber in it-refreshing and aids in detox

  5. Carolyn G says

    My favorite iced tea recipe is an Arnold Palmer, half tea and half lemonade. I would use the mango tea

  6. Jennifer Paige says

    I love raspberry mango tea, so I would take the calypso mango tea and add raspberry juice to it.

  7. DinT says

    I just like black tea for my iced tea and would probably use the organic black tea but would love to try the mango.

  8. Sherrie C. says

    I’m pretty basic when it comes to Tea but I do like to add freshly chopped mint leaves to my iced tea. The leaves give it a really nice minty flavor. For this Tea, I would probably use the Classic Black Tea from Mighty Leaf.


  9. Jennifer Schumacker says

    I love Mighty Leaf Tea had it for the first time about 10 years ago at a chicago hotel during my stay and I’ve been ordering it since. Haven’t tried this line though!

  10. Michele Masino says

    I like fruit green tea but will make it with regular tea also. I just brew a big pot of tea and when ready to serve I add frozen fruit (mostly peach or mango) and the frozen fruit acts as the ice and you get that nice fruity taste. Would like to try the peach ginger.

  11. Jennifer Reed says

    I think the Sunburst Green Tea Mojito sounds good from the recipes and I would use Mighty Leaf Sunburst Green Tea.

  12. dawn cook says

    i would use the black leaf to to make my iced tea, i add dried orange peel and a clove or 2…it’s a nice spiced iced tea

  13. jules m. says

    i make a gallon of tea using lipton and 1 cup sugar. i’d love to try it using mighty leaf’s organic black tea.

  14. spirit_kim says

    I love different iced teas they have out there like peach. I have never made any of my own though. I have put mint in tea, very good. I love a good cold glass of sweet tea with lemon.

  15. joni says

    I usually drink just plain iced tea but lately I have been trying the fruit teas. The Calypso Mango brewed as sun tea sounds yummo!

  16. kim says

    I don’t really have a iced tea recipe I just make plain unsweetened tea I put lemon and nectreese in it, The peach iced tea looks great and that is what I would try first

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