LG Spirit Review


We were sent an LG Spirit along with a months worth of service to test out in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

No contract phones sure have come a long way from what I remember. Having a non contract phone used to mean sacrificing many of the most updated features and capabilities others had with contracts. Not anymore! Now you can get just about any touchscreen phone with the latest software and still end up saving more money at the end of the month. Metro PCS is just one of the no contract cell phone companies that are staying up to date on whats new and in demand. With their unlimited calls, texting, and data, they are giving companies like AT&T and Verizon a run for their money. Take for instance, the LG Spirit. It hasn’t been put down since we received it a couple weeks ago. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy frame is easy for anyone to hold. It’s not too bulky and not too small, it’s just right.


The LG Spirit runs on Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich platform and is very user friendly. It kind of reminds me of my Samsung Galaxy S3 because it has some of the same features. One thing I noticed about the LG Spirit is that it is easy to use. If you are someone that has thought about switching from iOS to Android, this makes the switch a lot easier. Even my mom found this simple to maneuver and get the hang of. You have apps that you can move freely to where you want them and can minimize all your screens to see what you have on each page on one screen. One thing I did not like about android was some of the apps I had for my iPhone were not available. However, new apps get added daily and most, if not all, are now available.


You can fully customize your LG Spirit however you want to. My favorite app is Zedge, which gives you tons of up to date ringtones, wall papers, and more. My only issue with Zedge on this phone is it kept crashing when I used the search. Hopefully they will fix that within the app itself. The 4.5 inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen seems very durable and responds well to the touch. I didn’t notice any lag that lasted more than a second.


The LG Spirit has a 5MP rear camera that lets you take pictures of yourself or things in front of you. It takes excellent photos if you are outdoors. The photos are crisp and HD quality and has a feel as if you are there where the photo was originally taken. The photos taken inside were not all that great but not terrible either. Every control you need is right there when you click on the photo like emailing, sharing on social media, and more. Easily delete photos you don’t want or crop unwanted objects out right on your phone. I take a lot of photos for my blog on my phone so I find this to be a must have feature.


Call quality is excellent on both ends and I don’t recall having any dropped calls. Battery life on the LG Spirit is pretty good but of course the more you use your phone, the faster you kill your battery. If you are a big game player or constantly use your phone for emails and social media, your phone will die faster. In other words, the battery life is no worse than the iPhone or Galaxy. I find the battery life is about the same if not a little better but I do use my phone a lot.

Overall, the LG Spirit is an excellent phone. I definitely see this as a great upgrade for your no contract Metro PCS account or if you want to free yourself from your current contract. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality and you will end up saving much more money in the long run.

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