3 Steps to Prepare For a Tornado

Several weeks ago America saw one of the most devastating tornados in American history strike in Oklahoma. Much like the city of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina many people in Oklahoma weren’t properly prepared for the natural disaster. I want to help us look at several ways we can prepare for a Tornado in the event that we are ever faced with this terrible storm.


1.Take Cover

Remember your parents grabbing mattresses during a tornado drill in your home? Remember the part when they ordered you, your sibling, your mom, and your dog in the bath tub and then jumped in after you all and put the mattress on top? This exercise is a bit silly and is definitely uncomfortable but it only makes sense. During a tornado you are faced with a storm that gathers objects in a wild gust and hurls them through the air at break neck speed. The mattress protects you from these objects and although it may not be perfect or full proof it provides a level of protection.


2. Gather supplies

Have you ever met those weird people that are always preparing for doomsday. Every year they predict some special day in which the zombies come to life or the world will in end in a series of natural disasters. Every year they’re disappointed but every year these people are prepared with supplies. I encourage you to do the same. Get a small disaster bag that you can carry and put basic supplies in it to survive for a day or two on your own. In your disaster bag be sure to include medicine, food, and water in the bag. If you or a family member has some sort of special need make sure you have extra of the supplies needed to take care of them. Having one of these bags stored away in your home and car will potentially be life saving in the event of a tornado.


3. Watch Out

Don’t be the person that finds out a tornado is heading your way by looking out of the window on your way to the grocery store. Be aware of local weather and follow the news. If you don’t have the time to watch the news then get a smart phone and get the weather app. Any sort of local weather app will help you determine when a major storm is heading your way. I chose Smith Monitoring, a Mesquite home security company as my home security company for a myriad of reasons and their weather alert functionality was one of those reasons. This app feature gives you regular alerts and updates every time a major storm is headed your way and I’ve found it invaluable at times when I needed information quickly. Smith Monitoring also installs a panel in the home that will give instant weather updates in the event that the Internet goes down, which often happens during severe storms.


Technology and common sense allow us the benefits of properly preparing for a tornado. Although these tips aren’t full proof protection and guaranteed safety they do provide us with a measure of stability before, during, and after a tornado.

Author Bio: Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.

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