The Perfect Pool Pump For The Perfect Yard

Everyone knows that forming the perfect backyard look is a lifetime job. Each and every day there will be a new thing that will catch your eye and that will need attention. It is just a matter of time before things get to the point where you are basically happy with the design. There will be little changes for the future, but the current look is close to what you expected.


Then comes the moment when you decide to add something. This may be a pool. While most pools have an attractive look that blends well with the environment around them, once you have picked a pool comes the true story. The truth is that the pool itself may be gorgeous, but there are a host of things that are needed to make the pool safe and working and those may not be that attractive.

Many of these implements can be stored in a housing that can match the look you have achieved, but there are a few things that can stick out like a sore thumb if not picked with precision and care. The safety devices that are needed can be one of these things. It is hard to hide a bright orange life preserver in a tropical motif. In the end, these things can be disguised with a little effort.

The Mechanics

Then comes the equipment that makes the pool function. The fact is that a lot of the equipment can exist underground or hidden by the pools design. One of those things that is very hard to hide is the pool pump. It is a piece of equipment that must be above ground and must be near the pool. It can be enclosed in some cases, but this can cause excessive heat in the pump and the need to replace it far too often.

An above ground pool must have an above ground pool pump. That is to say that the pool pump must be located above ground. The best way to make this work with the look of your backyard is to try to blend with the pool itself. It is most likely that the pool is a slight deviation from the look that you have put together and if the pump blends with the pool, then it will all come together.


The best form of camouflage is color. If the side of the pool is blue or blue-green, then there are a large number of pool pumps that can blend into the pool side. Without overcrowding the pump, light foliage can be used around the pump to mask the equipment. The best choice for this is the fern. The fern blends with most backyard looks and its leaves grow far from the plant base. That means that there are many, highly spread leaves that can hide the pump. At the same time, the leaves are far enough from the pump to give it room to operate unfettered.


Most pools have pump requirements that do not leave a lot of room for choice of size. However, it is possible that a pool that does not get used all of the time can have a slightly smaller pump. The pump will be working very hard when it is in use, but if there are many winter months when it is not needed, then the lifetime of the pump will be extended.


While it is usually a bad idea to cover the pool pump, there are times when it can be necessary and this makes blending it in easy. If the location of the pump will keep it in near constant sunlight, then it is better to enclose the pump than leave it exposed. While the number of pumps to choose from may be limited, there are many, many choices when it comes to enclosures. The idea is to keep the pump hidden, but allow for good air flow.

The backyard is a place that can be transformed. Within the period of one year, a plain and simple backyard can become a paradise that makes no one ever need a vacation. The addition of a pool can only make things better. Blending the pool pump into the look of the yard may take some time, but once it is done, you can either sit back and relax or impress everyone with the world’s largest belly flop.

Bob Quigly is a landscaping and family fun enthusiast who writes on a variety of blogs about above ground swimming pools inflatable pools and above ground pool pumps for swimming pool covers by BackYard Ocean .

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