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Silk Fruit & Protein is something the entire family can enjoy, especially the kids. If you think that Silk is still just soy milk, you should take a look at the new Silk & Protein juice blends. Silk Fruit & Protein launched nationally last year as an alternative to juice and has been taking the world by storm ever since. These refreshing flavors can be found in the same section as your plant based soy milk but please do not be fooled, they are not soy milk, they are juice. These are a nice nutritious twist to your regular juice flavors. The line consist of mixed berry, strawberry banana, and mango peach. Don’t those sound delicious. My kids are huge fans of new and different and these definitely fit the bill.

Silk Fruit & Protein offers a convenient way to get your protein in the morning. Most of the times we are rushing out of the door in the morning and we don’t have time to get a full breakfast. This is bad for the kids because they truly need breakfast to fully function and do their daily school activities. A good breakfast helps them to stay focused and alert throughout the day. Silk Fruit & Protein is a great way to help get nutrients in their bodies and keep them until their next meal. On top of protein, Silk Fruit & Protein offers an excellent source of calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin D. It only takes a few seconds to pour in a glass and for them to drink before walking out the door and getting on the bus.

I am loving the new variety of flavors that Silk Fruit & Protein has to offer. I am also loving that they are something my kids love too. It’s a great alternative to your regular morning juice and won’t leave you feeling like you are stuck in a juice rut. If you are looking for something different and haven’t given Silk Fruit & Protein a try, what are you waiting for? Silk Fruit & Protein can be found in your local stores plant based beverage section. To get a full list of stores, visit here. Above you can find a coupon for $1 off your next purchase of this delicious morning, afternoon, or evening treat. Don’t forget to connect with Silk Fruit & Protein on their facebook page for updates and money saving coupons.

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Silk blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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