Reverse Charades

reverse charades game

We were sent these two games free of charge for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own

Reverse Charades & Reverse Charades Junior are two super fun games that the family will enjoy. It’s very similar to the original charades game except with a twist. Instead of one person trying  to get a group of people to guess an answer, your entire team is up trying to get one person from the other team to guess the answer on the card. Sounds fun right? More than you think. Imagine not being able to say a word but you have at least two other people behind you trying to act out the answer too. Hi-larious! The more people on each team, the bigger the fun.


Each game comes with directions, a one minute timer, and a box full of cards to play with. Our girls love playing Reverse Charades Junior with their cousins when they come to sleep over. It’s nothing but non stop laughter every time they get together. Even us adults love playing this wacky game at parties and events. It’s something I carry with me for every family gathering and it’s always a hit.

If you own a smartphone then this game could last forever. There is an app that you can download with almost 1,000 words so you can take this cool game on the go. These games are surely a favorite in my home. Check these and other Charades games here. You can look for them at a store near and also like them on Facebook.

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