ExpoTV Wants You!!


Hey there! I have been a member of ExpoTV for quite some time and love them. Right now they are looking for people to test Pampers. If you are selected you will get free products to test for your baby. They also have several other tryology programs including hair dye and offer them regularly. Past tryology’s have included testing out (and keeping) an LG TV, shed, lawnmower, and lots of other big ticket items. If you are not signed up with ExpoTV you can sign up here. This is my referral link and I do receive points if you sign up and make your first video. However, this is a company I truly love and enjoy being a member of and think you will too. You can do video reviews on things you have in your own home and earn points that are redeemable for Amazon codes and much more. It’s pretty easy to rack up points and you don’t have to be an expert at making videos. I am far from an expert and do still experience camera shyness but the rewards are well worth it. I have learned that a big key to making great videos is lighting, a nice smile, and your honest opinion. That’s it! If this sounds like something you’d like to do, sign up for free here!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for publishing this post. I do receive points if you sign up and make your first video. However, I genuinely love sharing valuable information with my readers from services I know have worked well for me. 

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