Ryobi 40v Mower Giveaway


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Ryobi 40v Mower Giveaway

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get out there and maintain your lawn and garden. I love the smell of spring and the new flowers blooming and more outside play for the girls. However, my yard is not always the most inviting thing in the world. Our blogger friend over at Crazy House Reviews got a chance to review the Ryobi 40v mower and I have to say, I want one. Her lawn looks absolutely stunning after using this bad boy.

Thank you Crazy House Reviews for allowing us to be apart of this giveaway and giving our readers a chance to win a Ryobi 40v mower of their own. It is earth friendly and does not require gas or oil. Enter below for your chance to win! Open to US only.

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  1. Rebecca Galloway says

    We could really use this!!! After moving around so much with my Marine husband, we have finally bought a home in which we will eventually be retiring. It has a really nice flat yard in a nice neighborhood, but we do not have a mower yet!! This would be so wonderful to win!!

  2. amanda says

    Pretty much any and every tool!!! We will be moving this year from an apartment to a house and are going to need everything1

  3. Deborah Rosen says

    Another Ryobi product I’d love to own is the 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator Model: RYi2200.

  4. Deanna Adkins says

    My husband is a painter, He could really use this: 18 Volt ONE+ ProTip Handheld Paint Sprayer – P650K. Painting supplies is expensive.

  5. Jen Brockman says

    I would love to have the Ryobi 18V 6 PC. LITHIUM+β„’ Ultimate Combo Kit – then I’d have a tool for almost any occasion, and a great one at that!

  6. Amber McDilda says

    My dad has been wanting a new lawn mower for awhile now! Money has been tight so this would be awesome to win this for him! Thank you so much. I would also like a weed eater as well.

  7. Elizabeth B. says

    I would love to have 18V 6 PC. LITHIUM+β„’ ULTIMATE COMBO KIT ! Not only do I love it , but I have 36 acres, 2 very old homes and 4 boys….Yea, mom NEEDS this one πŸ™‚

  8. Anita L says

    I would also love the 18V ONE+β„’ Lithium-Ion Curved Shaft Trimmer. Hubby’s mower and trimmer have seen their days! What an awesome prize to be won here, thank you so much for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  9. says

    New Ryobi 12V Lithium-ion Drill gives you optimal performance in a compact size. The battery holds a charge 4x as long, and weighs 33% less.
    I need this drill! It’s lightweight and holds a charge longer… because Lord knows I am not fast! πŸ˜€ Love Ryobi products!

  10. Jennifer Bowyer says

    We could really use the 18V ONE+β„’ Lithium-Ion Curved Shaft TrimmerModel: P2030 tohelp trim up our dog lot since a mower wont fit.

  11. Sherri Holley says

    I have carpal tunnel so weedeating is quite painful for me. I’d love to have the 4 Cycle Wheeled Field Trimmer. It doesn’t have to be carried so I bet I could use it easily!

  12. Rebecca DeCamp Bryant says

    I have needed this for two years now since we moved into our house….
    18V ONE+β„’ Lithium-Ion Curved Shaft Trimmer. I would love one of these. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  13. Jacqueline Ellis says

    I already owna Ryobi cordless drill with mini vac. Love it, it’s a perfect fit for my hands. And light weight. Highly recommend RYOBI usually has killer sale on that product.

  14. Tina T says

    I would love to one day buy this for my husband! 18-VOLT ONE+ 5-PIECE LITHIUM-ION COMBO KIT
    model # P887

  15. Jenn Cornelius says

    This would be a great one to have 12β€³ LITHIUM-ION STRING TRIMMER/EDGER W/ FREE BLOWER
    model # P2012B

  16. crystal says

    We would love the 2200 STARTING WATT DIGITAL INVERTER GENERATOR..it says it is ‘whisper quiet’ which is important when you have many neighbors!

  17. Erica Mitchell says

    id love to have the 18V 12″ CORDLESS STRING TRIMMER/EDGER our weed whacker is 15 years old and i hate having an extension cord on it!

  18. Manda marie says

    I’d love the battery powered chainsaw and the paint sprayer too, we have the weed eater and it has been so great! I bought it last year when we got our home.

  19. Pam Gula says

    I am not picky but if I had my choice , I would love to have the
    model # P846 πŸ™‚

  20. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says

    My husband uses Ryobi Tools all the time at work!!! He says they are the best and have never let him down!!! I would Love to give him the 18V 4 PC Lithium-Ion Super Combo Kit for Father’s Day!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  21. Lynette Walker says

    I’d like to have the 18V 12″ CORDLESS STRING TRIMMER/EDGER for my yard. Thanks for chance at winning!

  22. Lisa Nuckols says

    I would love to have the 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator. We live way out in the country with 3 small children and this would be amazing so we could keep our well running when the electricity is out for days at a time.

  23. Jason Nuckols says

    The 18v one+ ultimate combo kit would include a compete set of tools for wife and I to work on projects around the farm. Our current dewalt set has a case of bad batteries and never gets used, and this kit would replace everything with more reliable lithium.

  24. Cindy Wheatley Holland says

    Would love to have the 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator!! πŸ™‚

  25. stacy brown says

    Would love the gas powered 4 wheeled trimmer.It would make some of the yard work so much easier

  26. Jessica Snow says

    Wow, I could totally use this. I would also love to get the
    model # P2102.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  27. Allison Marie says

    I’d love to own the 12″ LITHIUM-ION STRING TRIMMER/EDGER W/ FREE BLOWER. Our yard definitely needs some work!

  28. rebecca c. says

    I would love to be able to get the 3100 PSI / 2.5 GPM GAS PRESSURE WASHER from Ryobi. It would be a well needed gift to my father-in-law who is dying to get his little house cleaned up, looking pretty.

  29. Elizabeth Rudd says

    40V CORDLESS BLOWER would be great for cleaning driveway and gathering leaves from all the trees in my yard… thanks in advance for chance to win…

  30. Ashley Chassereau Parks says

    I would also like to have the 7-1/4″ CIRCULAR SAW WITH LASER for my hubby! πŸ™‚

  31. lindsey harper says

    I would love to have the pressure washer as well as this mower! Thanks! Fingers crossed!

  32. Heather Noel Conner says

    All of it! That 9″ band saw, or the 10″ table saw with the stand would be super sweet though!!

  33. Tami Stapleton says

    model # RY80940

    This is what I would like to have from Ryobi

  34. Arthur Caudill says

    I would like to have the Hybrid Trimmer and I would also like to have a cordless drill.

  35. Paula Gillespie says

    there is so many I would love to have and I know my husband would love to have the Model: RYi2200 generator

  36. valerie y says

    This: 3100 PSI / 2.5 GPM GAS PRESSURE WASHER
    That is SUCh an awesome pressure washer, I want it so much!

  37. Minnie C. says

    My husband loves Ryobi Products. His favorite is the Ryobi 4 cycle curved shaft model #Ry34426. He has gone through 2 of these 4 cycle trimmers. The last one went out last summer nothing grows during the winter months and that bought us some time. We needed time due to my high medical bills. The blower and chain saw had out as well. We just didn’t have the money to replace all 3 tools. Thus, he only replaced a cheap trimmer.

  38. Tara Pruess says

    12″ Lithium-Ion String Trimmer/Edger w/ FREE Blower – Looks nice, and I do need one!

  39. Lyn Kelley says

    My husband has spent the last week trying to get our mower to work. It doesn’t look like it is going to happen. We could really use this and it would be such an amazing gift to him since he is always doing for me and the family instead of himself. Thanks so much for this chance!

    He’d also love the 18 Volt ONE+β„’ Starter Kit

  40. Karen Arnold says

    The 12″ Lithium-Ion String Trimmer/Edger w/ FREE Blower model # P2012B would make the mower complete!!

  41. John Travis says

    Love to have them all been a big fan for years I use my Ryobi tools everyday
    in my bussiness

  42. Karen Glatt says

    I would love the 4 CYCLE WHEELED FIELD TRIMMER so I do not have to hold my weed trimmer with my arm. My arm gets so tired from the regular weed trimmer.

  43. Kate Daly says

    The power washer reviews are amazing would love to have one of these as well every year the pollen is a huge problem!

  44. Brittiny Whitbeck says

    Lithium 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer I could definitely use this! I hate trimming them by hand

  45. donna sanders says

    Love to win this for my son, he has 2 young babies and just can’t afford to get one of his own right now…

  46. Carolyn Herrell says

    I would love to get the 10′ table saw w/steel stand for my husband for father’s day. His still works but not all that well.

  47. Taneisha P-G says

    The 12″ trimmer/edger with free blower. Enough to totally take care of my little yard. πŸ™‚

  48. Ada Miller says

    Spouse has had his eye on the 18V 6 PC. LITHIUM+β„’ Ultimate Combo Kit for work because his old drill is dieing on him and the rest of the set is wore out. Thanks for the giveaway because my lawnmower is on its last legs too.,lol

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  49. Dan D says

    I would like the 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator Model: RYi2200, this looks like a great machine.

  50. Marie C says

    I’d like the 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator, but what I need most is a lawn mower. Mine is being held together with string and vise grips.

  51. Zoe Dennett says

    Cordless edhger! I would love to win this, Last week I run over the cord on my mower and ruined it! good job I had borrowed my mums power cut out extension cable otherwise my daughter might have been an orphan!

  52. Wendy Pesce says

    Another Ryobi product I’d love to own is the 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator Model: RYi2200.

  53. Jill Rivera says

    I just saw the tv commerical for these products the other day. I was very surprise that the manufacture choose to use the same battery pack for the all of their products. This is was I love about this products. They all run on batteries and I don’t have to drag a long extention cord outside and having the chance of getting my electric cord cut into to my these powerful machines.

  54. AmyBond says

    Could really use one of their cordless weedeaters! We have one that isn’t very powerful and just doesn’t cut it lol

  55. Barbara Stenby says

    It would be nice not to get electrocuted by my lawnmower anymore! Everytime I mow my electric mower shocks me something awful! plus no gas is such a bonus!

  56. Rachael Bleymaier says

    A string trimmer with a cultivator attachment would be doubly helpful…I have chronic pain, arthritis, and a bad back, so tilling a garden is tough on me, plus I have nothing to trim edges with, so something like that would be great.

  57. kath g says

    i could really use one of their generators. the power goes off in my neighborhood all the time and sometimes for a couple of days.

  58. Beverly Metcalf says

    Love the mower and could really use the Gas Pressure Washer, too. Thanks for having this great giveaway!

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