iPhone 5 Unique Features

iPhone devices are arguably some of the best mobile smartphone devices today. Since the unveiling of iPhone 5, many people have flocked to the stores to purchase it. But what unique features does it bring to the world of smartphones?

Apple released its iPhone 5 to the general public on September 21, 2012 with a promise of far more revamped features coupled with a number of unique features that no other iPhone had seen before. With a review of the zenith smartphone from Apple so far, you will find it a highly attractive device even at first glance. A simple comparison with other high-end smartphone devices might deceive you since you might think that there are features in the device you can find elsewhere. However, Apple incorporated some of the highly sought after features in the device, making it one of its own kind. But what are these features?

LTE Technology

iPhone 4S was not a doubt slow when it comes to browsing speeds because it did not have LTE technology, but the one thing every user of the new iPhone 5 set their eyes on was LTE and the fast browsing speeds. The iPhone now supports the fast browsing technology on the three main carriers in the U.S., being Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. This translates to faster browsing speeds and even app downloads and experience on the device compared to those that came before it. The processor, as you will see below is also faster this time, meaning that you will not wait around for so long to see things done on the device.

LTE Technology

LTE introduced on iPhone 5 is unique to this device.

The iSight Camera

New and unique to the iPhone 5 device is the iSight Camera that somehow Apple has managed to make much better compared to the previous phones. While still keeping the phone so thin, the iSight camera has been integrated into the body of the device and is now able to capture photos at a faster rate and performs much better even under low light. Another unique feature of this camera is that it has a panorama mode, a new introduction to the smartphone mobile world that makes the device outstanding in its own way.

iSight Camera

Panorama-enabled camera on iPhone 5 devices.

Updated Siri Sosftware

The updated Siri software is one of the biggest draws Apple through iPhone 5 has over previous models and close competitors. This is a voice recognition software that is capable of answering questions and make browsing very easy. In simple terms, the Siri software of iPhone 5 is a form of a personal electronic assistant that everyone is enthusiastic about. The new Siri on the device understands more prompts and user queries and can update most social networks with new statuses for the user.

Siri Software

Activation of Siri on iPhone 5

A Dual Core A6 Processor

Since announcing the release of iPhone 5, Apple made it clear that the device will come with much more power that would turbocharge the user’s experience. One of the major, and unique, introductions to the device is the A6 processor. Tests have been able to reveal that this processor is twice as fast as the A5 chip Apple used on iPhone 4S. Although there are quad core processors on the market, the A6 dual core on the iPhone 5 is definitely an outstanding feature that is cutting edge.

Passbook and Maps

The new iOS 6 that ships with iPhone 5 is yet another stunning feature on the device. This comes with the Maps app and Passbook app. Having ditched the Google Maps app, Apple introduced their new app that many people cried foul about. However, there are many positives to draw from this app, one of them being the turn-by-turn navigation and the included 3D renditions of buildings and cities. In addition to the Maps app, there is a Passbook included in the operating system. This will aggregate all your tickets, coupons and boarding passes at one place, leaving you more organized than ever.

Passbook and Maps on iphone5

Passbook on iPhone 5.

A Super Lightweight Body Build

During the time of rumor mills and mongering about iPhone 5 before its release, there were blurry images that looked like prototypes of the iPhone. Come its release, the prototypes were spot on. Apple’s 6th generation handset is truly slimmer and taller than predecessor devices. While this might be looked at as a general design, there is nothing close to it since iPhone 5 is one of the most comfortable smartphone devices to handle, thanks to the build it has. It is sheathed in an aluminum and glass exterior making it light. It also measures 7.6 mm thick, which means that it out-slims its closest competitors, even the Huawei Ascend P1 by approximately 0.09 mm. Compared to the predecessor device, the iPhone 5 scores about 9 mm longer, giving more room for one to read content and watch video content with greater comfort on the device.

A thinner iphone 5 desig

A thinner, lighter design of iPhone 5.

Now that you have a new iPhone 5 with all these features to enjoy, a device you like, how do you protect it from damage? Even though Apple Care can cater for the repair of your device, it is quite expensive to have some of the parts of your device replaced. For instance, the screen of your iPhone 5 will cost you about $200 to repair. In order to protect your device from such damage, options such as screen protectors and iPhone 5 cases sold by many vendors including Society6, iSkin, Castagram and Greatshield.com will be appropriate for you to safeguard your device from damage that may occur from falls and even scratches. These will go a long way in helping you avoid the unnecessary inconvenience and expense of having your device repaired.

Jacob Corbeil is a writer based in Montreal. Having spent almost a decade of blogging about the future of technology, delved into what became very interesting to him: Apple devices and competing technologies. He now specializes in writing about the movement in mobile technology.

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