New Chobani Champions & Bite Review

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Our family eats plenty of yogurt and Chobani is my number one pick. It has a good source of vitamins and protein that helps keep myself and the little ones satisfied. I always love hearing when Chobani comes out with new flavors and products. When this package from Chobani arrived in the mail, the girls and I couldn’t wait to dive in. Their new squeezable yogurt for the kids is very convenient. We can take it on the go without having to worry about a spoon. Not only did the kids enjoy it but so did I. I even picked up some more the next time I went grocery shopping. Chobani Champions squeezable tube come in four different flavors that your little ones can enjoy.

Jammin’ Strawberry
Rockin’ Blueberry
Swirlin’ Strawberry Banana
Chillin’ Cherry

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We also got to test out a new product called Chobani bite. It’s a bit more creamier than the original Chobani but still a great texture. The two flavors we received were raspberry with dark chocolate chunks and coffee with dark chocolate chunks. I personal think both would be great without the chocolate chunks. I didn’t really care for them. However, I did love the flavor of the yogurt and think it is still a great new twist to the original Chobani. Next time I stop by the store I am going to pick up one of the other two flavors and try it out with our new favorite Chobani spoon.

Do you love Chobani as much as I do or never tried it? Check out their website for all their flavors for kids and adults!

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