April Extreme Cash Giveaway

Welcome to the April Extreme Cash Giveaway! Bbproductreviews has teamed up with some of our favorite blogger friends to give our fabulous readers the chance to win big with $400 cash! Yes, one winner will walk away with 400 big ones! I know this could help out a lot.

The April Extreme Cash Giveaway will run for four weeks. That gives you plenty of time to complete any entries you choose to do. Remember, all entries are OPTIONAL. We have lots  of daily entries for you to take advantage of as well, so don’t forget to bookmark this giveaway and come back everyday for more chances to win!

A huge thanks to our awesome co-hosts who made this giveaway possible: GeminiRed CreationsFreeMakeupandBeautySamples.comBeauty BriteShopaholicmommy.comMy Vegan Gluten-Free LifeLife With LeviMust Love CouponsBroward Saves

 Giveaway is open worldwide and ends May 12th  at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck!


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  1. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I have stray cats that have taken up residence at my house and they are 4 pregnant females–I would use the $400 to get the cats spayed.

  2. Sherri Holley says

    I would use $100 to buy new clothes since I’ve lost so much weight recently. The other $300, I would give to my son and his wife to help pay them back for all the help they have given me lately. I couldn’t have made it without them.

  3. Tonia A. says

    If i won the $400, i would take my kids on a mini 2 day vacation, so that they can enjoy themselves. They work really hard in school. They deserve it.

  4. sheena mariee eaton says

    With $400 I would pay bills and buy my son bigger clothes because he keeps growing out of his!

  5. Clara m says

    Since I have four birthdays very close to one another (2 in may & 2 in June ), I would use it on my babies!!
    Lucky me!!! 🙂

  6. Kathleen Jones says

    Thanks so much for the giveaway
    I would save the money to buy something special for my girls…

  7. says

    I’m saving for a wheelchair-equipped van. Currently we have a carrier on the back of our minivan, but have to tarp to protect my wheelchair in bad weather.

  8. dori wedgeworth yoder says

    So awesome, I could use some help after hubby having his brain surgeries! Very awesome! Ty!

  9. Ashley Gill says

    Unfortunately, I’d probably send most of the cash to the IRS…. gotta pay taxes this year.. ugh. But it would make my husband feel so much better about the situation!!

  10. Danielle says

    I would love to go shopping for myself!!! BUT my oldest is starting college in the fall, I’m so proud of her!!! My sons 1985 4wheeler finally broke down. And our car that we still are paying off has had one problem after another. So I would split it up and do what I could. If there is a few bucks left I would get my youngest a little something, she’s graduating preschool in a month (:

  11. Mya Murphy says

    To be honest, leave my abusive husband and start a new life. Won’t be a strong start, but anything helps.

  12. susan smoaks says

    i would use this to buy a new wardrobe, i recently lost over 100 pounds and I need clothes for work!

  13. angela h says

    This would be awesome to win so I could pay some on bills or by my baby girl something new or keep it towards money to go back for my last semester of college in the fall.. I am a single mother and a student.

  14. Linna Turner says

    I wouldn’t know where to begin! This week our riding lawn mower broke, our dryer broke, our coffee pot broke, our explorer broke and we just put $1000 in our pick-up to get it inspected & the day we got it back, it broke! We are now borrowing a vehicle and HOPING that it doesn’t break too! So, there is PLENTY I could do with the money. This was a pretty bad week.

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