5 unique wedding favors


Planning a wedding encompasses so many aspects, including having a little something for friends and family to take away with them to remember the day. Having something unique and interesting as a wedding favor will make their wedding day experience an extra special one to remember! Here are 5 unique wedding favor ideas.

Ceramic Tile Magnets

One extra special unique idea is to have little handmade ceramic tiles with the bride
and grooms name on them entwined in a love heart on one side and a magnet on the
other. That way people will have something they can put on their fridge to remember the awesome time they had at the wedding. It will be a wedding favor that is functional as well and will give them a lift as they think of you.

Personalised Photo Cards

A really beautiful and unique idea is to get cards printed with photos of the bride and groom and writing what each guest means to them on the card. This way the card is personalized to each guest and they feel really special and have something they can keep for many years to come. It will be a wedding favor to remember, for sure!

Handmade Raw Chocolates

We’ve all had chocolates before but have you ever had handmade raw chocolates as a wedding favor  Guests will love to get a special wedding favor such as this that is made by the bride and groom themselves. The best part about this idea is that it will give the bride and groom a chance to spend some quality time together before the wedding as they make the chocolates, and it could get a little bit romantic while they do. Everybody loves a sweet treat!

Photo Booth

So you’ve got the wedding photographer but how about giving the guests the opportunity to have a bit of photography backdrops of their own? Having a photo booth at the wedding is an awesome way of saying thank you to guests and give them a memory of the awesome time they had at your wedding. They can get photos taken with relatives that they don’t get to see often, and by the end of the night you are sure to get some interesting snaps!

iPhone Cover

Consider making some custom iphone 5 case for your guests, printed with your favorite photos from your pre-wedding shots. It’s practical yet creative, and your guests will for sure love this unique idea.

Handmade candles

Everybody loves a candle, and what an awesome gift they do make. A handmade candle is a lovely way to show guests that you are thankful that they came to your wedding and will give them something lovely to remember you by. The flame could be a symbol of your love and when they light it up they will remember the two of you. Imagine with over 100 or so guests and each one lighting a candle for your love. What a beautiful and delightful way of saying ‘I love you’, over and over again!

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