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My family and I love chicken. Whether it is fried, baked, barbecued  or stewed. Any way you make it we enjoy eating it. We always love trying something new and different with our chicken so we don’t feel we are stuck eating the same thing over and over again. Koch oven cravers are perfect if you are feeling the same way. Their chicken cordon bleu is absolutely delicious. Just throw it in the oven on 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes and it will be oozing with cheese. Same thing goes for the chicken parm. I have no idea how they stuff the chicken with the ingredients but however they do it, it comes out tasting yummy. The chicken parm comes in a package of four breast that are individually wrapped. Each wrapper has the heating instructions so it was easy to send just two with my daughter when she went to her grandma’s house.


My girls are usually the first ones to taste stuff so I know they will give an honest opinion. They are six, seven, and ten and when they don’t like something they say so. Every product from the koch food cravers line had an instant approval from them, including both oven cravers. They loved all the cheese and blend of ham and chicken in the cordon bleu and were left wanting more. The all white meat chicken is a juicy addition to every flavor going on in this small serving. Don’t let the size fool you because it is very filling. I split each oven craver in half and paired them with a side of veggies and rice for dinner so we all were able to have a taste of both flavors.


Look at the cheese and meat inside that craver. Doesn’t that look delicious? I can assure you that it really was. I will definitely be purchasing more of these on our next shopping trip. Hopefully you will want to give these a try too. You can find Koch oven cravers in your local freezer section of Walmart stores.

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