CD/DVD Duplicator

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When I saw this item on the Hammacher Schlemmer site, I thought to myself, this is exactly what the hubby needs. I remember a few years back him mentioning something about a CD duplicator for his music business, so seeing this was perfect. There have been several occasions when he would want me to burn a CD on the computer and I would have no clue what I was doing. The process seemed complicated to me and to be honest, I really didn’t want to deal with it.


Our CD/DVD duplicator came packaged with a cord and instruction manual. There is nothing fancy to hook up. Just plug one end of the cord into the unit and the other end into the wall. Turn it on and pop in your original disk and a blank disk. That’s it! You are now ready to use it.


Duplicating your CD or DVD is as easy as plugging in the unit and popping your disks in. Even I could do it and tasks like this can be a chore for me. I was able to burn an entire DVD within six minutes or less just like it said. I love the ease of using this product. Usually I have the hubby test out products like this but I was able to do it all myself. That is a huge plus for me because I want to be able to do things myself without hubby’s help.


One drawback for me though is that it is a little bulky but that is easy to overlook. It has helped save time in the long run and that is what it is all about!! Hammacher Schlemmer has so many other gadgets and products to choose from. You will be amazed at what you can find.  Head on over and take a look at all the neat things their website has to offer!!

Disclaimer:  I was given the product free of charge from Hammacher Schlemmer to facilitate the review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I only recommend products that I truly believe will benefit my readers. My full disclosure policy can be found under the disclosure tab above.

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