Tummy Tuck Belt Review


My tummy has been my biggest problem area for years. Between having babies, not eating right, and lack of exercise it just does not want to go anywhere. I have always heard the belly is the last thing to go and the hardest to lose so when I do lose weight I always get discouraged and seem to pack it back on. When I was presented with the opportunity to test out the tummy tuck I could not have been more happier. Whether it worked or not it was worth giving a chance because number one I am terrified of going under the knife. Number two, even if I lost a quarter of an inch that was one quarter of an inch closer to my goal.


My kit came with the tummy tuck belt, a 2 minute video, a quick start guide, and tummy cream. The two minute video gives you instructions on how to use your tummy tuck and a quick exercise to help strengthen your core muscles and make the tuck more effective. One of the things I love the most is that you don’t have to wear the tummy tuck for a long time. Just ten minutes twice every day and that’s it. I usually do mine first thing in the morning and can wear it for hours since I am home most of the day. It is also said that you can wear it out under clothing but mines still made my tummy look bulky so I didn’t. I used this for thirty days and noticed how much tighter my stomach felt after each exercise. I have to warn you that during the tummy exercise that it did hurt my back a little bit. Other than that I am happy with the results of the tummy tuck. I managed to lose almost an inch around my waist without exercise or changing my diet. That may not seem much or a huge deal to most but I see it as a big accomplishment. I have had a pair of jeans I have not been able to button for months now that I was able to wear this weekend so I am extremely happy.

Check out the tummy tuck belt on their website, facebook, and twitter for more information.


  1. Trish Ashbridge says

    Oh I so need one of these badly..I have heard great things about them..so fingers crossed and thank you for hte chance to win..x

  2. says

    I’ve used the product for a month and been quite impressed with the tummy tuck belt!

    Please try it out – it does work. Stay away from the creams though 🙂



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