Halloween Treats & Hershey’s Boo Blvd

Halloween is tomorrow and the kids are pretty anxious here. They have been asking all month when it will be time to put their costumes on and go trick or treating. I am not big on taking the kids trick or treating but their cousin took them last year so they are pretty hyped up this year. With all that happened yesterday with hurricane Sandy I am still not sure that will be a great idea. I plan on letting the kids dress up and having our own little festivities right here in the house.

With that being said, check out these cadbury screme eggs we were sent to review from Hershey’s. These eggs are such a yummy way to get your holiday started. The kids and I could not get enough of them. Each one is filled with oozing creme on the inside and a chocolate shell on the outside. Although it might seem like a lot of creme for some, I found it quite delicious and enough that you can only eat one.  These eggs will be perfect for having a little egg hunt in the house for the kids. I think they will have a lot of fun with that game.

Along with my screme eggs were reece’s pieces. These have always been a favorite of mine so there is not much more to say other than I love them! These sweets are the perfect size for little fingers and give you just the right amount of sweetness. What a perfect way to get through the holiday tomorrow with these two candies.

Be sure to check out some other great craft and recipe ideas for Halloween from Hershey’s Boo Blvd.

You also have the chance to win some of the same Screme Eggs Hershey’s sent me for yourself. Just enter using the rafflecopter form below. Very easy entries. Open to US residents 18 and older.

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  1. Victoria M. says

    I really love the Cadbury eggs and am really sad that you could only get them at Easter! I had no idea that they came out with Halloween ones!!!! I am going to the store to get some tomorrow!!

  2. Elizabeth C says

    I can’t pick one but Cadbury Cream Eggs were always a fave. I stock up after Easter and only have 3 left! I saw these at a drugstore and said Yippee! Hoping to go tomorrow for the after sale n get some if any are left. Not sure how popular this was but what took them so long?! Nx! E

  3. jj charles says

    scream eggs? are u kidding me, i dont have to wait until Easter, i am running to the store now for this treat. it better not be a trick – lol

  4. essijay says

    candy is my favorite candy… LOL
    my kiddo got a whole lot of candy but no Reese’s Pieces nor Rice Krispies Treats – my two favorite. He did, however, get vanilla tootsie rolls, which i promptly swiped. 🙂

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