Haan Steam Mop Review


We have been using our Haan Swift Steam Mop Si25 for a few weeks now and I am beyond pleased. Not only can I get my floors clean without the use of harsh chemicals, this is also able to kill 99.9% of our household germs and bacteria.


Inside the box was the steam mop, two washable pads, a mat, plus some lime and scale remover for the water tank. It was very simple to put together and required only a few clicks. There was nothing you have to screw in so it only took about a minute to assemble. Once we had it put together it was time to test this baby out.


First I tested this on my bathroom floor where I felt the majority of germs lurked. I was amazed at how fast this thing heats up and got rid of the stains. You can see from the picture below how well it cleaned. This was done in a matter of seconds with little effort on my part. The Haan steam mop is extremely easy to navigate and hits every corner.


After I cleaned my bathroom I went on to the kitchen and then to the dogs room. All three rooms were spotless and done with no chemicals whatsoever. Just the use of hot steam and ten minutes of my time. My husband loves it and says it’s the best thing we have gotten so far. I think he has found himself a brand new toy because he seems to use it way more than me. The only thing that I would like is if the power button was up top instead of the bottom. Other than that, we are in love with our steam mop and it is a great addition to our home.

Haan has offered our readers a discount code OCTBB to get $10 off of the purchase of the Si25 steam mop good through 11/5. This is a great investment and would make an amazing gift for the holidays coming up.

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