Glass Handbag Review

How many times have you reached in your handbag to find something quickly only to have it turn into a ten minute search party? What about late at night when your porch light has blown and it takes you forever to find your keys to get in the house? This happened to me just last night and I thought to myself, if only I had my Glass Handbag with me! What is so special about a glass handbag? I am so glad that you asked.

Glass Handbags were created by Tamara Leuty in 2010. These designer handbags feature a built in light that allows you to get to what you need quick and in a hurry. Ladies, that means no more digging and digging only to want to pull out every strand of hair on your head.

I was in total shock when I was chosen to review one of these handbags. I have never owned anything expensive in my life and especially not a $400 bag! After I got over the initial shock I patiently waited for my bag to arrive. Each handbag comes in a huge box with a handle. This makes a great gift and there is no need to wrap it up because as soon as you open it there is some beautiful tissue paper. I couldn’t believe how nice the presentation was. They really did their homework on this one. Check out my video review below to see my bag up close and personal.

I love my light blue satchel and have even made a couple people jealous and want one too. I feel like a celebrity with one of these on my arm. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life. Glass handbags offers leather bags, evening bags, and even duffle bags. Take it from me, they will love you forever!!

Check out their website to see all the styles and bags offered. You can also visit them on facebook and twitter.


  1. Amber M. says

    The more I read about glass hand bags the more I want one. Think I am going to have to put it in my Christmas wish list! Thanks for sharing!

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