Deluxe Microban Pet Bed

A few weeks ago we were sent a pet bed from Petmate to review. I had been telling my husband for months that it was time for Diamond to get a bed so she can be comfortable just like us.


As soon as this arrived I couldn’t wait to open it and have her test it out. Sadly she didn’t take well to it at first. My husband would have to pick her up a few times and lay her on the bed for Diamond to become acquainted with it. She would only lay there for a few seconds at a time but soon became uninterested. This kind of made me sad because it seemed very comfortable when I opened it. It was very soft and felt like the couch that she loves to lay on every so often when she thinks we are not paying attention. I understand that with anything new you have to get used to it so that is what I let her do. This did not take her very long time to do because within a few days she became used to it.


She has grown out of her dislike for the bed and actually loves it now. She lays on it every single day without hesitation. This is how I found her this morning when I woke up. Snug and comfy on her bed curled up into a ball. Do you think she loves it now? I would say so! I love that she loves it and that is all that matters.


Thank you to Petmate for allowing us to review this pet bed. Petmate has a variety of pet beds and plenty more pet related items. Check out other products they have to offer on their website.

Disclosure: I was sent a pet bed for review purposes. As always all opinions are my own.


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