Master Lock Review


Look at this beauty that came for us to review not too long ago. This was great for my husband to use at work for all his belongings. With school already in progress this is a nice adjustment to the traditional master locks I used to use when I was back in high school. Seems not that long ago but it has been over ten years for me. Seeing the evolution of locks just amazed me when this came to my doorstep. I was immediately enticed by the packaging before I even opened it up. Seeing this really made me want to be back in school or at a job so I could use it for myself.


This lock comes ready to use and complete with a 1 GB USB drive and three month vault subscription just in case you ever forget your code. You can also set up to three additional guest codes. Colors to choose from are white or black but ours came in white. It comes with a factory set primary code but you can change it to whatever you like. I love that it lights up blue when you are using it but once you enter your primary code it lights up green to let you know it is ready to open. My husband really loves this lock but his only concern is if the battery dies he wont be able to get into his locker. Other than that we think it is a great lock and a huge upgrade from what locks used to be a few years ago. Great job Master Lock!!

Check out master lock on facebook and their website to see all the great products they have to offer, including this one.

Disclosure: We received a free product in exchange for review purposes. As always all opinions are my own.


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