B&E Hoe Down Party Extravaganza

This is going to be a giveaway to remember. Living Frugal with Erika’s blog is celebrating her 1 year Bloggiversary and 10k Facebook fans. Bbproductreviews has also reached 15k fans on facebook. We are really great friends and decided to combine our celebrations and have one huge giveaway for all you wonderful fans. This is our way of saying thank you for all the continued support!

Our sponsors include Sodastream, Jewelry Candles, Eat Smart, Newmans Own, and Bag Blaze. These sponsors along with some of the best blogger buddies Miss Jackie’s Views, Samples and Coupons Oh My!, Live2Save2Live, and Frugal Washington Mommy have helped to make this a huge success.


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Are you exited? I am! Just use the rafflecopter form below to enter.Β Giveaway will run from September 1-14 and have 10 winners. There will be a daily entry so be sure to come back each day to get your extra entries! Open to US residents 18 and older.

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**Giveaway is in now way sponsored or affiliated with facebook.


  1. Heidi says

    Of course I’ve started Christmas shopping…I have 3 birthdays plus Christmas to shop for….getting bargains early helps save $ and no panic situations!

  2. Alicia S. says

    Yes, because both of my kiddos have fall birthdays! One is October, the other is in November! If I don’t shop all year round, they wouldn’t get anything!

  3. Angelique Drummond says

    I’ve started saving back for the holidays and have a few things but haven’t fully started shopping no.

  4. essijay says

    i start shopping for the holidays soon as stuff goes on clearance… so yeah, i’ve had things stored in the basement for 9 months already πŸ™‚

  5. Candice Hull says

    Yes! I hit all the after Christmas sales and put them in my gift closet. I hit all the clearance aisles throughout the year armed with coupons and stock up. I am usually able to get all my Christmas gifts for about 90% off.
    Thank you!

  6. says

    I never really get in the mood until right after Thanksgiving! Would love to be able to do it all year long but if I buy something too early & put it away I forget all about it & then find it months after Christmas!

  7. says

    I hayet ven’t started shoping for the holidays yet because my sister is getting married in june and I am the made of honor so I have been trying to save up for my bridesmaid dress. unfortanatly I had to spen all the money I had saved up to get my van out of tow. There was a glitch in the dmv computer that saiid my van was uninsured and unregistered (it wasnt), so I got pulled over and they towed it, it was in the middle of the moth and I only get payed once a month so I had to leave it there for 2 weeks and it costed me $725 to get it back. Now I am broke, but hopefuly I win something to pick up my spirits alittle.

  8. kathy dunaway says

    Yes I have started Christmas shopping.Every year I say that I am going to start earlier but this is the first time that I have done it.

  9. Kristy Franks says

    I have to do a little at a time by doing layaway i sure dont have it to go and buy so we use the layaway plan starting in september and have it out before christmas

  10. Diane Sallans says

    I have bought one small gift for my niece – gotta get it when you see it!
    Oh – and a gift for my sister-in-law

  11. Pat Rossi says

    sure have……….with so many people to buy for I have to start early to be able to afford the holidays and birthdays

  12. Dawn says

    I have 6 nieces and nephews and a grand baby so I pick up great deals all year long and have a tote I keep them in πŸ™‚

  13. Kimberly Turner says

    Haven’t started yet, however I have been keeping my eye out for good sales on things I know my daughters might like.

  14. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I’ve done a little shopping and saving so far…I’m trying to get ahead of it this year because it’s always scary when Thanksgiving hits and you haven’t started shopping for the 20+ people on your list!

  15. Jodie M says

    I usually wait until I have enough money to shop. But buy things here and there. If I buy anything to early I’m tempted to give it to the person I bought it for LOL

  16. Allyson Hunter says

    Oh heck no! lol Need to find the funds before the holiday actually gets here. It will be close finishing everything! πŸ™‚

  17. Judy Lipcsak says

    I am always shopping for Christmas. I keep a box in my closet for each of my grandchildren and children that I add to throughout the year as I find bargains.

  18. sara m ford says

    But its only because I have no other family but my own and one sister so theres not much to get also we don’t have the money to buy before

  19. Andrea Reaves says

    Yep!! I start in January so that I can buy things on sale all year and don’t have to spend tons of money come december.

  20. Anne says

    I usually shop throughout the year as I find bargains. Most of my gifts are shipped out-of-state, so I have to be careful of what/how much to buy my bff so the shipping doesn’t hurt LOL πŸ™‚ This is an awesome giveaway, and thanks for the opportunity to win!! So, technically……yes, I have started Christmas shopping!! Thanks, again!!

  21. Carolann Calies Foerch says

    Not really. I’m so broke, I can’t even pay attention! but I am entering all the giveaways I can. Maybe I can win a nice gift to at least give to Mom. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. says

    Well…if everything keeps going the way it is I won’t have much shopping to do! I’ve won many great prizes this Summer and plan on giving them as Christmas Gifts! Everything from customized Backpacks to 4 pairs of Nature’s Sleep Slippers (can you believe I won 4 pair all from different blogs?!) and also a Robot Litter Box. My Goal? To win a Sodastream and one of those Jewelry Candles! I’m like a crazed Mad Woman trying to win one of those candles….LOL!

  23. brandy says

    Yes I have. I pick up things through out the year and then put them up. I usually have tons of stuff by the time christmas rolls around.

  24. Lillie M. says

    I’m always keeping an eye out for awesome gifts. πŸ™‚ I put it away in our Christmas gift box until the holiday comes around.

  25. says

    Oh Yes !! I Have 3 Adult Children To Buy For & 1 Beautiful Little Grand Daughter, she’s just a little over a year old..To Spoil The Hell Out Of .. So YES !!! I’ve Already Started Shopping & Having A Blast Too

  26. says

    i use to start the day after christmas, lost my husband 11 yrs ago,had surgery 10 yrs ago and am on oxygen now.had to quit working 9 yrs ago.oh that sounds kind of whinny.sorry .on fixed income now .my sister and i try to make a lot of gifts.i enjoy doing that

  27. Laura Miller says

    Yes! We have definitely started! My goal is to be done by November 1st so that I can just enjoy the season with my kids with NO shopping stress!

  28. Sherry Eckman says

    I have not started shopping for the Holidays! I haven’t even thought about it..but maybe I should because it would be nice to avoid the large crowds!

  29. Mary Calabrese says

    I purchased some shorts for my stepson, but my hubby suggested that I give them to him now during the summer! So I did.

  30. Chris Shari Alligood says

    I start my holiday shopping during August that way I have no last minute running around to do & I can bake lots of goodies!

  31. Cassandra Girouard says

    Yes, with all the freebies I get in and stuff I can get really really cheap. I am so broke if I don’t do it that way no one gets anything

  32. Carrie House says

    I haven’t actually BOUGHT anything yet, but my list is done. I have several things I am making as gifts to give to neighbors and friends of the family, as well as other DIY things for family members. The kids – whew – I am optimistic that I will get done before November, but…..I dunno….

  33. Chelsea says

    I’ve started picking g out things I want to get my family with my coke rewards and swagbucks. But no actual shopping yet.

  34. Annie F. says

    I have not started shopping for anything big yet, just saving. πŸ™‚ But I have put some small things back for stockings and such.

  35. Donna Anthony says

    I have not started shopping yet but I have asked the kids to give me a list soon so I can try and put some stuff for them on layaway. I’m out of work and layaway is the way I have to go so winning would be awesome.. thank you for the chance

  36. Lorena Keech says

    No, but we have gotten to the age where we and our friends don’t need anything, so we don’t need to do much shopping.

  37. elizabeth p says

    hahahahahahahhahha…oh god I cant breathe….hahahahhahha…ummm wait that was a serious question. Sorry, no I haven’t. I usually start on December 23.

  38. Jessica Hardin says

    Not yet. Every year I tell myself I’ll shop throughout the year when I see good deals and every year I end up shopping last minute..lol

  39. fayme stringer says

    i have three kids, so have acquired a random collection of this and that for the holidays, but nothing has a specific owner yet… maybe more like stocking stuffers?

  40. JANNET L. says

    I have NOT started shopping for the holidays. I am out of work and disabled and we have 3 kids to shop for. I am planning on making certificates for them for unique 1-on-1 time together involving unique activities they will enjoy. Our son’s birthday is also at Christmas! Winning a prize for the holidays would just be icing on the cake! Thank you for your wonderful giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  41. Amanda Herren says

    I had to like all the pages manually on FB because they would’nt load on that page. I hope I liked all the one’s I was suppose to. I liked the same ones that we had to follow on twitter. Thank you!!

  42. Elizabeth Clark says

    I have started looking for holiday gifts, just have to buy them slowly since I am disabled and get a very small monthly check.

  43. Vicki D. says

    Not yet, but when I start finding things on sale, I will be buying early and putting them away. When it gets closer I won’t have the pressure to have to do all my shopping.

  44. Aaron Bretveld says

    Nope, it is about time that I start THINKING about Christmas presents. I don’t usually start actually shopping until at least November.

  45. Trisha McKee says

    I have started just a little bit- little things for my daughter, and I’m trying to save now so I’m better prepared.

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