Slice Safety Cutter Review


Have you ever needed scissors at a certain time and could not find them? What about those hard to open plastic packages that some cameras or flash drives come in. I have always been irritated with them because I am like why would they do this to me? Why would they make it so hard for me to get to this item? With the slice safety cutter it makes these tasks easier. safer, and faster. There are three major specs that I love about the safety cutter.

1. It is simple and safe to use. At first I was unsure of how to use it. I thought to myself how is this tiny thing going to cut through stuff. Then I simply just sliced it across my bag of pretzels I wanted open and it sliced right through. I later figured out there is a tiny blade at the tip of it. It cuts through the item you want open but is gentle on the fingers. I don’t have to worry about me cutting my fingers or the kids hurting themselves with this. Great for our family craft projects!


2. Makes a nice clean, straight, and even cut. I used an old piece of paper my kids doodled on just to show you an example.


3. Each cutter has a built in magnet and keyhole. I can put this on my fridge or key ring so I always know where it is after every single use.

This safety cutter is great for cutting gift wrap. Cut your Christmas and birthday present wrapping time in half. Also great for clipping coupons, opening DVD’s, and so much more. What a great item to have all year round.

Check out all the other great products Slice has to offer and how to purchase by visiting their website, facebook, and twitter pages.


  1. Audrey Fletcher says

    I love these type blades! I have one in everycraft box i have in my purse and in both of my cars! I had my registration tags stold off my car and bought on to slice it and fell in love with them!

  2. Michelle says

    I would love to have one of those!! I am always losing my scissors when I want to clip coupons. I love the key hole and magnet set up. If I have one of those, I’ll definitely put it in my key rings. I’m always finding good coupons when I am in the stores or in the newspapers and I never could find scissors. This would make a great present for a couponist.


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