Oreo Birthday Cake


It was brought to my attention by another blogger that Oreo makes birthday cake cookies to celebrate their 100th birthday. I must not get out much because I was not aware of this so when I heard it I had to have some! This was one of the first things I looked for when I went food shopping. Apparently they make more than one birthday cake cookies but those are not available in my area, at least not that I know of. You can check those out over at Living frugal with Erika.


To me these cookies are really the same as the regular Oreo cookie except that the frosting has sprinkles inside. I wouldn’t have tasted the difference if I did not eat the icing by itself as I usually do with my Oreo cookies. I am not saying that they taste bad just simply that I don’t really taste a major difference. The cookies still have that great taste that I have loved growing up while dunking in my milk.


I love that they are celebrating their birthday by mixing it up and letting us celebrate with them. Happy 100th Birthday Oreo and many more!!


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