One Hour Flash Giveaway

This is going to be a very quick giveaway and will only last an hour so I made the entries as easy as possible. Prize is for $10 paypal or an amazon code. Open world wide and don’t forget to hit the share button!!

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  1. Abbey Kathryn Good says

    My DREAM car would be a Bubblegum Pink truck that could fly and also be a submarine. It would have a soda fountain, ice cream bar, and a real bed in the truck bed! It would also fly me to the nearest mall and pay for all my purchases! It would have a hot tub, a swimming pool, and ROOM SERVICE!

    ~Abbey Kathryn Good

  2. says

    my dream car is a fully loaded kia black tires and fully loaded leather. something sporty from kia. fully loaded technology gps and on star and dvd players in the seats for children to watch movies as i’m traveling . huge for couponing trips and out of town trips.

  3. Deanna Beilstein Middendorf says

    Honestly I’m not too picky. I just want one that isn’t a whoopty and runs well. I guess I would say a BMW just for fun.

  4. Amanda K. says

    I really don’t know. I haven’t though about it. I did see this beautifully restored Model A last year. I practically drooled over it.

  5. mindy coffey says

    That’s hard b/c I’ve loved cars since I could barely walk…lol. Probably a tie between a 69 Camaro or a brand new Corvette…maybe an Acura TL if I hit the lottery!

  6. krystal talentino says

    well this isnt really a car that i want for a dream car. not to picky about that as long as it gwiets me to the store and back. and to be completely honest, i am not good at all in names of cars. makes/models. my dream vehical would actually be a camper 5th wheel. my mom loves camping and has severe RA and getting worse. she goes camping two to three times a year and is such a tropper sleeps in a tent. my family/kids love to go with her so my dream vehical would have to be a camper.

  7. tracy sieben says

    My dream vehicle would fit all five of girls comfortably, but entertain by having a t.v. This vehicle would be ten times more stylish than a mini van of any kind and have a five star safety rating with 35 miles per gallon fuel consumption. Don’t think they have made such a thing yet

  8. Lindsey Evans says

    My dream car is actually a truck. I want a huge Dodge truck. An older dodge ram extended cab would be great!

  9. says

    I don’t have a specific dream car, but I could go for a minivan. It must have working air conditioning and heat, cup holders and a RADIO! My current car doesn’t have a radio and it drives me nuts.
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  10. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I don’t really know car types, but my dream car was always a shiny silver convertible….maybe some day!

  11. Carrie House says

    My favorite car, actually, would be a Chevy Avalanche: enough room for my kiddos, stylish enough without being silly, and I can tow something or haul something if necessary. WIN!

  12. virginia rogers says

    Anything new, big enough for family would be awesome. My car is falling apart so bad and can’t afford, so I definitely would not be picky. Thank you for chance to win giveaway!!!!

  13. Kelly Britton says

    At this point, any car would be my dream car. Mine was repossessed after my husband passed two years ago. Charger, I loved that car.

  14. Lee Ann Kaplan says

    1987 camaro all fixed up like i want with white leather seat with dark purple piping, and a sparkly dark purple paint job with ghost flames πŸ™‚

  15. Julie Adams says

    I guess I am a simple person…My dream car is one that runs great, reliable and will last me many years…I want a Toyota Camry or Corolla…=-)

  16. nicole fayard says

    i dont really have a dream car. im not one for materials. but i would just love a car that didnt break down all the time and was safe for my daughter to be in

  17. Brittany says

    I want one of the newer cars that have a screen that you can do pretty much everything on and it has to be blue! I do not really care which on it is.

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