NatureBox Review

NatureBox Review


I have never heard of NatureBox until recently when I was offered a review. This was something I immediately jumped at the chance because I have been trying to be on my health kick. Nature box is a monthly subscription box and they send  you four to five full sized all natural snacks each month for $19.99. When they say full sized they mean full sized! When my package arrived at my doorstep I immediately opened it up. I was greeted to five large bags of goodies I have never tried. The first thing I saw were the beautifully colored Mexicana mangoes. I have never tried these before but I love the mango fruit. I have to say though the smell was not all that pleasant to me when I opened the bag but the taste is not that bad. I am unsure of if I like it or not. Maybe it is something that will grow on me. Next bag I saw that sparked my interest was the dried fancy figs. I have never had figs by themselves but love fig newtons so I was willing to give it a try. They tasted just like a fig newton without the outside. Not bad at all if I should say so myself. The far east rice crackers are a little different for my taste but the kids seem to love them. However, I would love to top my salad with these instead of croutons to give it that crunchy healthier twist. The last two bags are my favorite. The Bombay curried cashews have a little spicy kick to it. With added raisins, walnuts, almonds and other items it is a well put together snack for before or after a workout. The Maui onion crunch is so delicious and I could eat this whole bag in one sitting if I didn’t know any better.

All around I am very happy with the contents of this Nature box. I got to try something different and it is all healthy with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. I loved their presentation and the cool tropical rice recipe that was included. I might have to give that one a try really soon.

There will be be a giveaway coming up for you to be able to win a box of your own so keep your eyes open for that.

Can’t wait until the giveaway and want to try one right now? Well you can use promo code REFER25 to get 25% off your first NatureBox order. For every box sold, one meal is donated to feed our 14 million children going hungry in America.



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