Creativity For Kids Review

My kids and I truly have had a blast putting these art kits together the last few days. We have made necklaces, decorated cards and gift boxes, and planted a little inside garden with gnomes all thanks to Creativity for kids and Mom Select.

Even I got down and dirty making a gift box with my initial on it. Pretty good stuff if I say so myself. The kids loved spending time with just mommy and doing all this cool stuff together. It got pretty messy with all of the glitter and moss from the garden but anything that allows me to spend quality time with my babies is well worth it.

The kids painted and put our little garden together and planted seeds. Now we are patiently waiting for our garden to grow. Look how happy she is holding the finished product. Priceless! Thanks Creativity and Mom Select for providing these kits to facilitate this review. We loved all of them!

Wait! Don’t go yet! I have one more thing to add. Mom Select has also provided one lucky ready a chance to win two of these kits. One will be the same Deluxe Glitter art fun and the other is a surprise. Come back today at 4pm EST when we will have this special giveaway! Hope to see you then!


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    I love that! I love that you get down with your little ones and you craft with them~!~!` I love the pictures and that is a GREAT review! Those would be great ideas for Christmas Gifts foe my little ones!!! Thank you for such an awesome review~!~!~


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