Corset Chick Review

Every woman has a their own inner and outward beauty but sometimes when you are married with three kids you need something to help you bring that sexy back. You often times forget what it is like to feel sexy and be able to own it. I have gained quite a few pounds lately and it has really put a toll on my marriage. At times I don’t feel pretty or sexy even though my husband tells me all the time that I am. Finding an outfit to make me feel pretty about myself is not always the easiest of tasks. When I came across Corset Chick I thought to myself these are pretty cute but I highly doubt they will have something in my size. I am going to have to either just look and wish I was small enough to wear them or go to another site and pick something I would barely even like but it still fit. To my surprise they have stuff even for a woman my size and at a reasonable price.

20120821-124539.jpgI chose this beautiful black and black burlesque corset with red satin bows. This corset definitely has a way to make you feel sexy even on days that you may be feeling at your worst. I found myself putting it on and just looking at myself in the mirror. My husband loved it too and heard no complaints in that department. The fabric is not too thick but feels very durable. I have contemplated using this as part of my Halloween costume this year. Just going to add a petticoat and a few accessories and I will be ready to go! I will be like one of the dancers on Burlesque. I absolutely loved that movie!! Thanks corset chick for supplying me with a corset for review purposes.


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