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Welcome to the body by vi giveaway.

This giveaway is being hosted by Make a dolla holla. This giveaway is being done to help get the word out about body by vi and the 90 day challenge. After being on the challenge and having great success, she decided she want to promote the challenge. She is looking for people who want to lose weight and also people who want to start earning an extra income. She first joined the challenge to lose a few pounds but now I am doing it to help pay off our school loan debt.

I myself have been testing the shakes out and find them to be delicious. I am on my second week and have lost five pounds so far. The recipes are really good but you can add whatever you like and make it your own.


What is “Body by Vi™?

”The Body by Vi™ Challenge is for everybody, and every BODY! Simply put it is a challenge that encourages you to make a change within 90 days. Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, or just get more active, ViSalus™ has products, tools, and information to help you achieve your goals!
ViSalus™ has created Body by Vi™ to help you utilize our life transforming products and benefit from our online and offline support tools. ViSalus’ exclusive challenge offers a simple, nutritional program with fun and easy recipes, menu plans, exercise videos, and online community support. If you’d prefer not to be weighed in public, eat expensive foods, or watch endless exercise videos that aren’t targeted to your specific needs, then this is the program for you! Body by Vi™ is designed to fit your lifestyle.
Body by Vi™ is a 90–Day challenge that transforms people’s lives. The products are bundled for ultimate results, nutrition, and value. You can save money, and even get your kit for FREE when you have others join the challenge. And $100 off normal retail prices makes the deal even sweeter!

What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Shape Shake Mix?

* Helps control appetite.

*Helps support healthy energy levels.

*Provides bone-healthy calcium.

*Provides fiber benefits for health protection

*Provides heart healthy, low fat protein.

*Helps promote & maintain lean muscle mass.

*Supports protein digestion and nutrient absorption.

Each protein has been specially processed to remove fat, remove lactose, and remove carbohydrates. In addition, we have processed the soy to remove the isoflavones, so there is no estrogenic affect.

The “shake mix that tastes like a cake mix™” is hard to beat. Kits range from FREE – $299 a month depending on your goals. If you are interested in learning more please let me know!


Why body by vi?

1. IT WORKS! Both my mom and I have had great success so far with the shakes. It has helped up both with losing weight, losing inches, feeling better and an increase in our energy.

2. You can get your shakes FREE!! (MINUS SHIPPING!) Who can say no to FREE? All you need to do is have three friends join the Challenge with you! Keep one another accountable. Refer three or more kits the same or higher and yours ships free! As long as you have three referrals, yours is free.

3. You can earn extra income; earn a free bmw, and who want to work toward a 25,000 bonus check!!

How can you get started?

Go to learn about the shakes and if you’re interested in adding extra income watch this video also this video.


Right now, I have several specials going on:

1. 25% rebate on ANY order placed. Expires 8/30/2012. Please mention discount code: 6v

2. I will pay 25 dollar rebate toward your PROMOTERS FEE.

3. I am offering free product for anyone having a challenge party. For every 5 people that sign up as a customer OR every 3 people that sign up as promoter, you will earn ONE free bag of body by vi shakes. You have unlimited potential to earn FREE product.

** If you have any questions, please email me here. Or visit my facebook page for more pictures: I
would love to help you get started!
Giveaway ends August 30th at 11:59pm, open to US residents only, ages 18+. To enter please use the form below.

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  1. Kathy says

    I know a lot of people who have had great results with the shakes! I haven’t tried it but would like to and this would get me off to a wonderful start :o)

  2. Becky Kimani says

    That not only is it a great way to shed pounds it also is a way to earn some extra income or win great prizes and products! It’s a win win!

  3. Brooke Upchurch says

    My favorite thing about the shakes is that they they truly work! My husband did and he lost so much weight in a matter of two weeks! I believe I believe!!

  4. Julie O'Brien says

    i believe in the product, and it is not getting rid of water weight like other products , and that weight comes back-they actually help you lose the weight and if you continue on the right path it won’t come back

  5. tiffany dover says

    My favorite thing is that I can drink these and not really have to work out to lose the weight. I recently had a baby and just don’t have time for a whole lot anymore, so being able to lose some weight without having to vigorously work out is great!

  6. Amanda Starr says

    Heard great things about them, haven’t tried them but like that it’s lower in calories and can be mix with so many different things.

  7. Johnitra says

    The flavor goes with anything you can think of, so there is no chance to get tired of what you’re drinking!

  8. Myra R says

    my favorite thing is that they are a balanced healthy meal replacement that helps promote and maintain lean muscle mass

  9. Brook says

    My favorite thing is that I have heard such great things! They sound very easy to use and I hear that they taste good, too!

  10. Angie Kissel Weightman says

    I am doing chemo right now for breast cancer but when I am finished I would like to try this.

  11. RachelandJeramie Freer says

    I love that they really work unlike some of the other products out there. My friends have had great results!

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