Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream Review


There is nothing more disappointing than going to the store with hopes of getting your favorite ice cream only to be let down to see they don’t have it. I initially made a store run to get some of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor¬†strawberry cheesecake but they were all out. Now this is the second time I went and they did not have it. So you can just imagine the sadness in my eyes when I could not get what I wanted. On the other hand, I was not going to let my gas go to waste so I decided to try something different other than what I am used to. Boy, am I glad I did!


If I hadn’t jumped out of my comfort zone I would have really missed out. I have been seeing a lot of red velvet cakes around and was curious to know what all the rave was about. Ben & Jerry’s is pretty good at getting extremely close to the flavor you desire so I didn’t think it would be too far from the real thing. This ice cream is so good!! Look at the nice size chunks of cake pieces in there. As I explained before, I have never tasted red velvet cake but if it actually taste the same as Ben & Jerry’s I have to get me some! You can taste the icing and everything except your ice cream is already mixed in. This is definitely going to be the next alternative whenever I can’t find my regular flavor ice cream.


Move over strawberry cheesecake, you have a new competitor!!


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