Almondina Review


My family and I recently had the pleasure of testing out these tasty Almondina cookies. Not only are these all natural treats delicious but are low in salt and calories with no added fat. A healthy snack to have with your morning coffee or to take along with you when you just need a great tasting pick me up. They are crunchy but not hard.

I found them to be a great late night snack when I was craving something sweet but didn’t  want to feel guilty after eating it.

The flavors that I received were original, chocolate cherry, choconut, cinnaroma, gingerspice, and, sesame. Other flavors available are seasoned pumpkin spice, bran treats, anniversartyT, and AlmonDuo.

I would have to say that the original flavor was my favorite. The combination of almonds and raisins plus the texture of the cookie really opened up my taste buds. I have to admit I almost ate an entire pack of these by myself in one sitting. Sesame kind of shocked me because I was not expecting this one to actually taste good but it did. All of the other remaining flavors were pretty tasty too although I really did not care too much for the chocolate cherry. I am however interested in tasting the AlmonDuo. They have a mix of almonds and pistachios which are one of my favorite nuts. The kids seemed to really enjoy the chocolate cherry so these did not go to waste.

You can find out more about Almondina by following them on their facebook and twitter.

Stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway where you can have a chance to try these out for yourself.


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