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Welcome to the Zoobies Flash Giveaway! 
Is it a blanket? Is it a pillow? Is it a stuffed animal? 

It is all of the above!!

If you haven’t read Living Frugal with Erika’s review of the Zoobies Blanket Pet, you can read it here

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Okay, Ready for your chance to win your own Zoobie Blanket Pet? 
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  1. Heather Scherer says

    My favorite toy was a stuffed animal dog my mom bought me from the coast! 😀 still own it today.

  2. Debra says

    All my stuffed animals… I loved playing with them and actually still have them all and have pasted them on to my kids who love them as well

  3. natasha arquette says

    I had a monkey you could stick his thumbs in his ears and mouth and nose and I would not go anywhere with out him!!! He was my fave toy

  4. Samantha Stamp says

    I’m gonna say my build-a-bears ever since my parents got me one when they went to vegas i’ve collected about five or six more! still to this day i have them 😀

  5. CarlaCoe says

    I would say my favorite toy was actually a tape recorder. I would sing pretend to have a radio station and interview family.

  6. Alisha George says

    Skip-it! At least I think that was what it was called(it was the thing you put on your ankle, and kept count of how many times you skipped around it…), lol.

  7. Kabao says

    My all time favorite dolls/babies were the CABBAGE PATCH kids. I don’t know why but they were the only baby dolls that I would play with

    • Kabao says

      Whoah, I just noticed I’m not the only one that loved these guys. That’s so awesome!!! My brothers and them used to tell me my dolls were scary. (when we were kids) 🙂

  8. donna harris says

    I grew up with all boys, I was the only girl all I can remember was playing Cowboys and Indians. Then it was baseball, basketball, football and jumprope. Then it was horses, so I guess it would be a real horse toy.

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