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I am pretty much what you would call a beginner when it comes to yoga and I love all the cool moves you can do. Let’s face it though, I am not the most flexible person in the world and this form of exercise can be very intimidating. I have only been doing Jillian Michaels yoga, which I love by the way, but I hate how sometimes my mat slides out of place under me. It can also be a bit uncomfortable on my floors even with the mat.


When introduced to Yoga Paws through the pitch list I thought to myself. Oh how great! These not only kept me from sliding during my routine, they were very comfortable too. I only wish I had them with me while vacationing in South Carolina a few weeks back. These would have been great since I forgot my sneakers to work out plus they are small and light enough to take anywhere without lugging around a mat.


The set comes complete with two hand and foot gloves and an added pouch to carry them anywhere you go! Choose from blue, green, or maroon.

Want a chance to win your own elite set? Be sure to come back and enter our giveaway! In the meantime don’t forget to check out Yoga Paws for more information.


  1. Kelley Johnsen says

    I love yoga paws! I don’t go anywhere without them 🙂 Very cool facebook page to with lost of inspiration and insight.

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